The Meaning of Four Suits of the Tarot Minor Arcana

  Taro Cards - Minor Arcana

  * The names of sutes differ slightly in the various card decks

THE SUIT of Wands

The Ace of Wands If you see the Ace of Wands look at your life from the outside and try to realise if there enough potent and confident energy could work for you.

The Two of Wands This card symbolises a power that brought down to Earth and made personal.

The three of Wands You have to climb higher if want to see farther.

The four of Wands This card represents the events, thoughts and experiences that generate excitement.

The five of Wands When this card shows up, be prepared for an extra-work.

The Six of Wands This card usually appears if you have some great goals and have been working hard to reach them.

Seven of Wand Sometime there is a big temptation to to hold onto your position, especially if you have invested much time and energy into it.

The Eight of Wands If you see this card it may be time to complete something you've been doing and prepare to move on to something new.

The Nine of Wands Be all eyes because there is a possibility for something bad to happen.

The Ten of Wands This card can be treated as a sign that you've taken too fast speed and are pushing yourself too hard.

The Page of Wands This card is a messenger that brings you opportunities for passion.

The Knight of Wands The positive meaning of this card fulfills the idea of life that full of energy, life that is always new.

The Queen of Wands She is always attractive. Her warm smile and easygoing manner bring her lots of friends and admirers.

The King of Wands The meaning of this card includes such things as of the positive fire energy and the active.

THE SUIT of Cups

The Ace of Cups If you see this Ace stop for a while and check if there is such feeling as love in your life.

The Two of Cups This card indicates the union of two entities - people, ideas, or talents.

The Three of Cups When you see this card you should think if there is a group in your life which you attach to from an emotional point of view.

The Four of Cups This card usually represents periods of self-absorption.

The Five of Cups Try to listen to this card's advice and it will help you avoid a loss, or at least reduce its toll.

The Six of Cups This card is a simple goodness, that encourages you to be kind, generous and forgiving.

The Seven of Cups This card provide balance between order in all its forms and all that is sloppy, impractical and lax.

The Eight of Cups What was important is not so important anymore and it is time to move, because there are a lot of things and people waiting for us.

The Nine of Cups This card encourages you to seek out pleasure and enjoy your life in every way.

The Ten of Cups This card symbolises joy, happiness, contentment, enjoyment.

The Page of Cups The Page of Cups gives you chance to experience romance or some deep feelings.

The Knight of Cup Take some time to look within and think about your life.

The Queen of Cups She is often moved by the beauty and tragedy of life and her love includes everyone and everything.

The King of Cups This card symbolises wiseness and understanding of the world that comes from the heart.

THE SUIT of Swords

The Ace of Swords This card symbolises different possibilities in the area of intelligence truth, clarity and fortitude.

The Two of Swords This card remindes you about the barriers we put up between ourselves and others and those we create within ourselves.

The Three of Swords This card symbolises the nasty little curve balls that life can throw sometimes.

The Four of Swords This card indicates that you probably took too fast speed and you need to slow down and get some rest.

The Five of Swords This card can mean that you or someone else is forgetting this larger view of self.

The Six of Swords This card indicates recovery if you have just experienced a tough time or psychological blow.

The Seven of Swords You feel that it will be much more comfortable for you to be on your own.

The Eight of Swords Every step makes your options seem to be more narrow until you feel completely stuck.

The Nine of Swords This card symbolises the feeling of despair which can strike us at any time.

The Ten of Swords If there was a chain of bad events that were going one by one and you see this card you can be sure that the wost is over.

The Page of Swords If you are strong enough to accept and prevail you will become stronger and cleverer.

The Knight of Swords This card is associated with a sensitive soul whose situation is similar with yours.

The Queen of Swords This card combines the positive air energy with the inward power.

The King of Swords This card represents a clever man, who can absorb and work with information of all kinds.

THE SUIT of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles This card symbolises a possibility in the area of prosperity, abundance, trust, security and groundedness.

The Two of Pentacles This card tells you that you can juggle all demands made upon you.

The Three of Pentacles This card is one of the cards in the Tarot that focuses on the group and represents a task-oriented team.

The Four of Pentacles Try to use this card's message to preserve and defend, but not to lay claim.

The Five of Pentacles We want to be included, not only for our emotional well-being, but also for mutual support.

The Six of Pentacles You may see yourself on one side or the other, but this card asks you to reconsider.

The Seven of Pentacles This card symbolizes the moments when after a rush of activity when we stop to catch our breath and look around.

The Eight of Pentacles Sometimes life can be full of pleasant moments and they fall into our laps to be enjoyed.

The Nine of Pentacles This card represents all the most beautiful, gracious, high-minded and civilized things.

The Ten of Pentacles This card symbolizes the ultimate in worldly and material success.

The Page of Pentacles If you see this card it may be a sign that enrichment, comfort, trust or the chance to make your dreams real.

The Knight of Pentacles Every job is always completed down to the last detail. He's careful and prudent, never wasteful.

The Queen of Pentacles She is warm and generous to all. In day-to-day matters, she is sensible and practical.

The King of Pentacles He can see the opportunity everywhere and succeeds at whatever he sets his mind to.

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