Psychic, Occult and Mystical Definitions

Letter: G








Also known as 'Divination from the Belly'. An ancient form of ventriloquism, with the voice sounding low and hollow, in a sepulchral tone, as if issuing from the ground. Prognostications were given in a trance-like state.




One of the mythical birds. Its legend was born in India.
Originally, the Garuda was reputed to be an enormous bird of prey with a golden body and scarlet wings, which carried the great Hindu god Vishnu through the sky. Eventually, however, the Garuda acquired human arms, legs, and torso. It was thought to be an indefatigable enemy of all snakes, including those that Buddhists considered divine. As a result, they regarded the Garuda as a demon.


An experimental technique used in parapsychology since the 1970s to create an environment of sensory deprivation to stimulate the receptivity of ESP. 'Ganzfeld' means 'whole field' in German, and refers to the blank field of vision that confronts a test subject.

In a ganzfeld test a receiver attempts to perceive thoughts and impressions transmitted by a sender. The receiver is placed in a soundproof room, wears eye cups to remove visual distractions (the eyes remain open throughout the procedure), and earphones to mask sounds. The sender is seated in a similar soundproof room and given an image to focus on and transmit, selected at random by a computer. At the end of the session, the receiver is shown a selection of images and asked to pick the target. The removal of extraneous sensory data creates a sense of disorientation in the receiver, and the subject may have periods of 'blank out' similar to a hypnotic or meditative state. According to the research results, it is during these periods that subjects are most receptive, with success rates of up to 50 per cent, compared to the expected chance rate of 5 per cent.

Ganzfeld Stimulation



Certain natural stones or gems, which, because of some powerful astrological influence, were said by medieval occultists to be magically efficacious.

Artificial gamalei are those engraved with astrological, hermetic or magical symbols, for use as talismans.