Taro Cards - The Minor Arcanas

  Minor Arcana - The Siut of Swords

 * The names of suites and cards differ slightly in the various decks
   the suit of Swords, Pikes, Blades, Daggers, Knives, Spades etc
In general The suit of Swords is associated with our minds and with all of the faculties inherent in them. The suit points to our abilities to consider, to contrast and compare cutting to the heart of the matter, bringing clarity. Dealing with mental aspect of daily life, may indicate state of mind rather than actual events.

The positive aspect /Upright/ associated with the Swords is represent the Mind, the Truth, the balance or scales. (communication, decisions, contracts, leases, agreements, the courts and law)

The negative aspect /Reversed/ associated with the Swords is represent a double nature of the Truth and our state of mind. (miscommunication, judgemental, condescending, critical, detached, insensitive, intolerant, entanglements with the law system)

Appearance - Haircolor: Very dark or gray-haired people, Eyes: Dark or Grey

The Ace of Swords

The Root of the Powers of Air

This card symbolises different possibilities in the area of intelligence truth, clarity and fortitude. If you see this card it means that your mind is clear and sharp although you may have doubts about it. This cleanness may be expressed in any form from a compelling idea to desire for the truth. Sometimes this card indicates on for a challenge that will test you in some way. There are always some problems in our life, and when a hurdle shows up, and the Ace of Swords can tell you when one is coming. If you see this card this is a sign for you to examine your life, think about your problem objectively and look for situations that are unjust or confusing and resolve to set them right. This card remindes you about your inner resources that allow you to overcome all obstacles and find the truth of your situation.

Upright: Contrasted invoked force, great power for good or evil but invoked. Conquest, activity, strength through trouble, complete change of mind, whirling force, triumph and success

Reversed: Confusion, affliction, exaggeration in thought, violence, misuse of power, punishment. Even possibly death, but this depends upon other cards.

Card Number: 50
Numerical Value: 5
Season: Autumn
Direction: East

Intellect in its best and most controlled aspect
The start of sth new.

Card Number: 51
Numerical Value: 2
Moon in Libra.
energy beyond the onslaught
Partnership matters of all kinds

The Two of Swords

The Lord of Peace Restored

This card remindes you about the barriers we put up between ourselves and others and those we create within ourselves. Sometimes we are too much tense and refuse to feel emotions. We don't want to face the truth and pretend that everything is fine. If you see this card it signifies that you are not willing to accept some truth about yourself or the situation. Stop for a while and try to understand what you are really feeling. Maybe you are resisting tender feelings because you might be hurt ? The most common problem is a closed heart. When we are closed emotionally, we break the connection that allows our love to flow outward. Sometimes this action is necessary, but it always comes at a great price. Every time we close off our heart, we find it more difficult to open again. So, it is never solve the problem - to stay closed, it can only push the problem aside. The idea that this card tells you about is that barriers are not the answer. We have to stay open for each other if we want to find peace.

Upright: Quarrel made up and peace restored, delicate and precarious balance in adversity. Differences resolved, relief, pleasure after pain.

Reversed: Indecision, treachery, violence, misleading advice, betrayal, trickery and deceit. Actions sometimes selfish, sometimes unselfish.

The Three of Swords

The Lord of Sorrow

This card symbolises the nasty little curve balls that life can throw sometimes. Betrayal, abandonment, rejection, separation, a reversal of fortune. These hurts are painful because they hit you when you least expect them. If you see this card it means that such things have already happened in your life, but if not, the Three of Swords is a valuable warning. Things like that happen when we are looking the other way. Stop for a while, examine your situation carefully. If you listen your inner voice it will help you locate the problem.

Upright: Sorrow and extreme pain, upheaval, separation, disruption, tears, strife, conflict. Establishment of something better.

Reversed: Physical and/or mental disorder and confusion, loss, quarrels, discord, treachery and sorrow.

Card Number: 52
Numerical Value: 3
Saturn in Libra
confusion and darkness of the intellect
New projects including joint enterprises

Card Number: 53
Numerical Value: 4
Jupiter in Libra
convention in the realm of intellect
Stability and security

The Four of Swords

The Lord of Rest from Strife

This card indicates that you probably took too fast speed and you need to slow down and get some rest. Even if you feel self-reliant and healthy , you are risking getting sick if you don't take a break. The Four of Swords also shows that you should take the time to think things over without hurry. It is important to stop and gain perspective. It is especially necessary if you are going to face an ordeal or big event. You have to be prepared, so try gather your strength and center your energy.

Upright: Rest from sorrow, recovery, retreat, relaxation of anxiety, withdrawal, peace established through arms. Hospitalisation, recuperation from battle, peace after war.

Reversed: Banishment, enforced isolation, seclusion, imprisonment, cowardice, failure of nerve.

The Five of Swords

The Lord of Defeat

This card can mean that you or someone else is forgetting this larger view of self. You are trying to define your interests not wisely enough. If you try to get ahead in isolation, your actions will not be successful and come back to haunt you later. On the other hand sometimes this card means that you should put your own interests first. If someone is trying to abuse you or take an advantage of you, you must get free. If you are tired with someone's demands, take care of yourself. If you are sure that this is your way on the highway , step forward and claim your due. But it is always necessary to remember that if you hurt others in the process, your victory will not feel complete.

Upright: Defeat, loss, malice, failure, dishonour, slandera, poverty, weakness, accept the inevitable and swallow pride. Negative thoughts. Grieving after pain.

Reversed: Paranoia, indecision, trouble, separator of friends, evil speaking or someone acting as such in your affairs.

Card Number: 54
Numerical Value: 5
Venus in Aquarius
typifying intellect enfeebled by sentiment
Letting go of outworn attitudes

Card Number: 55
Numerical Value: 6
Mercury in Aquarius
a perfect balance of intellect and principle
Taking up challenges

The Six of Swords

The Lord of Earned Success

This card indicates recovery if you have just experienced a tough time or psychological blow. During the crisis you are just trying to survive and nothing else matters at all. Now, when the worst is over you are beginning to recover and pick up the pieces of your life. The Six of Swords also symbolises travel and moves of all kinds. It can mean a change of place of living, relocation or trip, but not necessarily. This journey can also take place inside you when you just move from one frame of mind to another.

Upright: Gradual change, passage away from difficulty or imminent danger. Success after anxiety, the solution of current problems. Long journeys (by water) and movement from pain.

Reversed: Selfishness, conceit, intellectual pride, temporary relief from difficulties.

The Seven of Swords

The Lord of Unstable Effort

This card means the desire to be a lone pilgrim. You feel that it will be much more comfortable for you to be on your own. This style of life can be useful when you need to bypass an ineffectual group or assert your independence, but it can also be troubling. It is impossible to be happy and productive for long without some commitment to others. If you decide to to act alone, be sure this isolation is really working for you. Sometimes the Seven of Swords indicates that you are trying to wriggle out of something - commitment, responsibility, hard work, love. It will never be a solution of the problem if you are just pretending that there is no problem at all. Sometimes we just have to face what has to be faced and this card lets you know when you might be making things worse for yourself and others by running away.

Upright: Sudden desire, opposition, impulse, unexpected journey by land. Unstable effort, vacillation, change of residence and/or job. Partial success, through lack of energy.

Reversed: Untrustworthy person. Indecision. Inability to complete what has been started. Surrender when victory is almost in sight.

Card Number: 56
Numerical Value: 7
Moon in Aquarius
the mind is confused and undecided
working out priorities and values

Card Number: 57
Numerical Value: 8
Jupiter in Gemini
lack of persistence in intellectual matters and accidental interference
Expanding horizons

The Eight of Swords

The Lord of Shortened Force

This card represent a situation when you are are heading toward (or already in) a situation in which you will feel a lack of freedom and choice. Such situations are insidious because the more you get into them, the more lost you feel. Every step makes your options seem to be more narrow until you feel completely stuck. The purpose of this card is to remind you that you do have choices, and you do have power. No matter how trapped you feel, you can find a way out if you believe it is possible.

Upright: Interference, jealousy, often from colleagues or family, crisis and enforced isolation, illness, oppression. Waste of energy in details causing neglect of more important things.

Reversed: Lack of persistence. Sheer, unforeseen bad luck. Hard work reaping little reward, frustration, despair, depression. A moving away from a problem rather than finding the solution.

The Nine of Swords

The Lord of Despair and Cruelty

This card symbolises the feeling of despair which can strike us at any time. It indicates the feeling that comes from inside of our soul and tortures us through when our fears and doubts overwhelm us. Worry can be the most common. Have done everything correct? Was my answer full? Will i be promoted? This doubts go round and round - impossible to turn off. Guilt is another meaning of this card. When we have done something that we feel is wrong or hurtful, the distress can be very real. In general this card is not the most pleasant of cards, but it doesn't always symbolises major distress. Sometimes it is just a sign of some element of unhappiness or trouble. This card warns you that you are choosing down may be a difficult one. Examine your situation carefully to be sure you are making the right choices. Even the smallest change can make all the difference.

Upright: Worry, deception, premonitions and bad dreams, suffering and depression, cruelty, disappointment violence, loss and scandal.

Reversed: Illness, pain, distrust and suspicion, despair, misery and malice.

Card Number: 58
Numerical Value: 9
Mars in Gemini
intellect is replaced by heartless passion
Where you find satisfaction and security

Card Number: 59
Numerical Value: 10
Sun in Gemini
a riot of soulless mechanism
the heart's desire or experiencing rejection

The Ten of Sword

The Lord of Ruin

This card symbolises a turn for the better. If there was a chain of bad events that were going one by one and you see this card you can be sure that the wost is over. Sometimes the Ten of Swords indicates a sad event, but you know when this is the case. Most of the time the Ten of Swords has a lighter side. When you see the Ten of Swords, check your attitude and know you've reached the point where things will definitely begin to look up.

Upright: Ruin, desolation, disruption. Reason divorced from reality, spiritually, may herald the end of delusion.

Reversed: Only temporary good fortune, disaster yet not entirely without hope. Failure, disruption and even death.

The Page of Swords

The Princess of the Rushing Winds
The Lotus of the Palace of Air

This card shows that you will have to face a challenge. The Page of Swords tells you to embrace difficult situations, and treat them as trials designed to test your mettle. If you are strong enough to accept and prevail you will become stronger and cleverer. In meeting these challenges, you are offered to use such things as honest, reason, integrity and fortitude.

Upright: A young person (usually woman), stern and revengeful, with destructive logic, firm and aggressive, dexterous in management of practical affairs, diplomatic and skilled in the ability to work out the true nature of things. Although sometimes a card associated with spying or surveying.

Reversed: A person filled with low cunning and frivolousness, possibly vindictive with an inability to grasp the nettle. May indicate unforeseen events or ill health.

Card Number: 60
Numerical Value: 7
Elemental Name: Earth of Air

the earthy part of air, the incarnation of dynamic irruption
Children or young women. Information

Card Number: 61
Numerical Value: 4
Elemental Name: Fire of Air

the fiery part of earth, the archetypal warrior
Young men. Movement forward and challenges

The Knight of Swords

Lord of the Winds and the Breezes
King of the Spirits of Air

This card is associated with a sensitive soul whose situation is similar with yours, and you need to ask if the energy of this card is helping or hurting. You should listen to yourself and try to understand such things as: if your home life ruled by emotion rather than common sense, or if someone's moodiness is driving you crazy. If it is so, maybe you have to change something? On the other hand if your life lookes like a mirror or like surface without a single wave, a dose of poetry should be called for. Take some time to look within and think about your life. Let the Knight of Swords introduce you to his world of romance and beauty.

Upright: A farmer, patient, courageous and strong, laborious and clever in material things, skillful and active person, perhaps somewhat dull and preoccupied with material affairs , but always at his best in a difficult situation.

Reversed: Avaricious, impetuous, surly, sly and deceitful, petty, jealous, grasping man. Quarrels may be indicated by surrounding cards.

The Queen of Swords

The Queen of the Thrones of Air

This card combines the positive air energy with the inward power. It represents a woman who is very generous and reliable. You can always count on her to tell you exactly how it is. Lies, tricks and games are not interesting for her, and she's not easy to fool. She is experienced in the ways of the world, good and bad. The Queen of Swords is clever enough to size up a situation quickly. She likes a good laugh and knows that life isn't meant to be taken too seriously. If you see this card it means that you should think and feel as that woman does. Try to look deeper inside yourself and answer honestly some questions.Are you being completely honest? Can you see the funny side in the situation? Have you figured out what's really going on here? And so on. It is very important if you let yourself be inspired by this Queen in whatever form she appears in your life.

Upright: A graceful & intelligent woman, intensely perceptive, a keen observer, subtle interpreter, an intense individualist, confident, gracious and just. She may well have suffered some deep sorrow or loss, especially at the hands of men.

Reversed: Cruel, sly, intolerant, deceitful and unreliable woman who sorrows for the sake of sorrow. Superficial attractiveness makes her all the more dangerous, she is expert in the use of half truths and quiet slander.

Card Number: 62
Numerical Value: 4
Elemental Name: Water of Air
the watery part of air
clear perception of an idea
Mature women. Comfort, nurturing, and satisfaction

Card Number: 63
Numerical Value: 4
Elemental Name: Air of Air
the airy part of air
This card typifies the Intellect
success, achievements and assertion

The King of Swords

The Prince of the Chariots of the Winds

This card represents a clever man, who can absorb and work with information of all kinds. He analyzes the problem with ease and ready to work out solutions quickly and explain them lucidly to others. Being in a chaotic situation, he is able to cut through the confusion and provides the clarity needed to move forward. . He is always truthful and you can rely on him to handle any situation fairly and honorably. He is absolutely honest and lives by the highest ethical standards. He usually sets an example for others and encourages them to do the same. If you see this card it means that you should try to take the kinds of actions he might take. Try to be honest and tell the truth, think up a solution, and communicate well. This card tells you that its special energy must have meaning for you at this time.

Upright: This king (young man) is certainly a ruler, purely intellectual, full of ideas and designs, domineering, intensely clever but unstable of purpose . He is a law-maker, an advocate of law and order, a man of independent judgment and an achiever in what he does and says.

Reversed: Harsh, malicious, plotting, unreliable man; a fanatic, almost evil to achieve his aims and desires. Possible great disruption and weakness. An abuse of power and authority.

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