Psychic, Occult and Mystical Definitions

Letter: E








(Kelpie, Each-uisg and Aughisky) According to folklore, a Scottish amphibian fairy that can be found in and near all moving water, but specially Loch Ness.

The Kelpie is described as a young handsome horse, black or brown in color, but it is said it can also shape-shift into a hairy human. After enticing and allowing unsuspecting humans onto his back, he dashes into the water and gives the rider a final ride into the depths of the river, where they are then devoured.




Eblis, Iblis, Iblees and Haris. A fallen angel of Islam, a powerful subversive spirit and supposedly the chief of all Djin. Others say he is the demon Azazel, who after being thrust from Heaven is renamed Eblis and becomes the ruler of the devils. The word 'eblis' means 'despair'.

According to one account, when Adam was created God commanded all the angels to worship him, but Eblis replied, 'Me thou hast created of smokeless fire, and shall I reverence a creature made of dust?' God turned the disobedient angel into a Shaitan or Sheytân (Devil, the same word as Satan), condemning him to haunt ruins and to eat unblessed food until Judgment Day. Eblis then became the father of Devils.


According to Indian mythology the world rests on the head of a great elephant, 'Muha-pudma', and when, for the sake of rest, the huge monster refreshes itself by moving its head, an earthquake is produced. The lamas say that the earth is placed on the back of a giant frog, and when it moves its limbs or its head it shakes the earth. Other Eastern myths place the earth on the back of a tortoise. Greek and Roman mythologists ascribe earthquakes to the restlessness of the giants whom Jupiter buried under high mountains.