Psychic, Occult and Mystical Definitions

Letter: D








Also Daemon. The Greek daimon means 'divine power', 'fate', or 'god'. To the Greeks daimons were intermediary spirits between human beings and the gods, acting as spiritual advisors.




In Greek mythology, architect and inventor who designed for King Minos of Crete the labyrinth in which was imprisoned the Minotaur, a man-eating monster that was half man and half bull.


Also called Dactylomancy, it is derived from the Greek dakterlios (finger ring) and manteia ('divination'), and it is applied to a number of methods of divining the future with the aid of rings.

Sometimes a ring is used as a pendulum, at other times it is dropped into a bowl of water, its position at the bottom determining the prediction or the response to a formulated question. The inside bottom of the bowl may contain a special pattern to aid in the prognostication. A variation to this would be to dangle a ring by a thread in a vessel filled with water and shake; the amount of times it hits the vessel's wall determines the prediction.




A form of divination, in this case by tears or crying.