Amulets, Talismans & Protective devices

Amulets have been used as a protection against mishap or danger.

Amulets: Celtic Love Knots, the Abyssinian Wish Box, Mystic Star, The 
Love Token, The Archimedes Medallion, Lucky Number, The Anchor of Hope
The Krena Amulet, Churchill Pendulum, Magic Square, The Horn of Shomar
Quinnox, Guardian Angel, Money Tree, Miracle Medallion of Glastonbury

The origin of the word 'amulet' does not seem to have been definitely established. Amulets have been used as a protection against mishap or danger and as a guarantee of success. Amulets have been pretty popular among people of all times. They have been made of a wide variety of materials such as carved stones, bits of metal, strips of paper, or parchment bearing enigmatic phrases.For example among the Egyptians the primacy among amulets was held by the scarab. This was commonly a gem made in the form of a beetle, and engraved upon one side with many devices. Most amulets have varied purposes, an amulet for money will not do you much good if you are lonely or sick. An amulet is truly a good luck charm. Most Talismans and Amulets today are forged in mass production, but that will not diminish the power of the symbols depicted. It does diminish the power of the engraver. Many people "charge" their charms with their own intention this can be done simply by a consecration during certain sun and moon phases. So, if you want to know more this part of our is for you. We tried to collect the most interesting and important information about amulets, talismans, charms, mojos, tricks and other objects so that you knew how it works and could find the most effective ones.

The  usage  of  amulets  seems  to  be  universal  stemming 
from  the  human  desire  for  protection.