Psychic, Occult and Mystical Definitions

Letter: K








The Egyptian definition of the spirit and life-force of both humans and gods, which also acts as a protecting spirit and guards its dead against the dangers of the after life.

During life the Ka remained separate from the body. At death a person was said to have "gone to his [or her] Ka." This was the Egyptian way of saying that the Ka had merged with the deceased's lifeless form.



Kaki Besar

Also known as Sakai, it is Malaysia's Sasquatch. Reports of massive hairy creatures are also prolific at the Malayan jungle, varying from the usual Bigfoot descriptions to 25 feet tall giant apes.


Also Kamasutra (Sanskrit, literally 'thread of love', from kama, 'love', and sutra, 'thread'). An ancient Hindu text on erotic pleasure and related topics, attributed to the 1st century AD Indian sage Vatsyayana.

Kama Sutra