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Voodoo  is  a  mystical practice and system of beliefs originating in 
Africa.  You'd  be  rewarded by loving spirits If your are willing to 
place your destiny in the hands of Voodoo which means 'Spirit of God'

Vodun is commonly called Voodoo by the public. The name is a translation from an African word for "spirit". Vodun's can be directly traced to the West African Yoruba people who lived in 18th and 19th century Dahomey. It goes by its roots back 6,000 years in Africa. That country occupied parts of today's Togo, Benin and Nigeria. Slaves brought their religion with them when they were forcibly shipped to Haiti and other islands in the West Indies.Vodun, like Christianity, is a religion of many traditions. Each group follows a different spiritual path and worships a slightly different pantheon of spirits. Today over 60 million people practice Vodun all over the world. The purpose of rituals is to make contact with a spirit, to gain their favor by offering them animal sacrifices and gifts, to obtain help in the form of more abundant food, higher standard of living, and improved health.

This is not surprising that Voodoo has over fifty million followers 
worldwide.  Voodoo  flourishes  in  Brazil, Trinidad, Jamaica, Cuba, 
New Orleans  and  in  private  homes  in every country in the world.