Psychic, Occult and Mystical Definitions

Letter: O








Oionoscopy and Ornithomancy, it is a method of divination from the flight and behavior of birds. It was very popular in ancient Greece, when it was used for mantike.

Alternate methods of Oionoscopia read omens from the sound and the colorful appearance of birds. It's suspected that the philosopher Anaximander was able to predict an earthquake in Sparta in the sixth century due to his observation of the behavior of the local birds.




Oinomancy is a form of augury which in this case is divination by wine.

This divination system is very ancient and there are various methods of performing it, such as:

from the patterns left by spilled wine in a cloth or paper.
by the appearance of wine poured in libation.
by the sediment in a glass or bottle of wine.
by the color and peculiarities of wine.


Also called Othin, Wotan, Woden, Wuotan, Voden, or Votan. In Norse mythology, the principal Aesir god, ruler of heaven and Earth, and the god of war, wisdom,agriculture and poetry. As god of the dead, he presided over banquets of those slain in battle. With his brothers Vili and Ve he had killed the primordial frost giant Ymir and used Ymir's body to make all the different realms of the world, as well as the sea and sky. The brothers also created the first human beings, Ask and Embla.

Odin was the supreme chief of the Aesir, a society of warrior gods, and though other gods were younger, more handsome, and even physically stronger, Odin's powers and wisdom were foremost. In war, Odin decided the fates of all warriors. He was master of magic and discovered the runes. He was also called All-Father.