Secret language of Astrological science

Classic Sun signs Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Vedic Astrology

The astrology  -  is   a   doctrine  about  influence   of    both 
-  stars  and  planets  on  character and  destiny  of  the   man. 
Shall we ponder deeply , we will see, that not only all history of mankind and our culture, but also all our life are penetrated by an astrology. All religions have also absorbed the bases of a science about the stars in itself . It is known that many religious beliefes grow from an astrology , proving dependence between the man and space. On the walls of ancient churches , on ancient temples's frescos we can see the images and representatives of an astrological science. The Tibetan branch of an astrology, where monks are both- servants of a cult and the astrologists has not interrupted until our days .
Through  ages   astrology   aspired   to  grope  and  to 
interpret   connection   between   the  man  and  space.