Psychic, Occult and Mystical Definitions

Letter: I








Ancient Chinese sacred book, one of the classics of Confucianism and one of the earliest works of Chinese literature, traditionally used for divination and as a moral, philosophical, and cosmological text. It is based on 64 symbolic hexagrams. Each hexagram consists of a pair of trigrams. There are eight basic trigrams, each named for a natural phenomenon. The symbolic significance of each hexagram is expressed in cryptic poetic passages and in philosophical commentary.

I Ching



The son of Daedalus. He flew with his father from Crete, but the sun melted the wax with which his wings were attached, and he fell into the sea. Those waters of the Aegean were thenceforward called the Icarian Sea.


Also known as Astrological Medicine or Astromedicine, it is the application of astrology to medicine.

This pseudoscience investigates the energetic nature of a person and the reason and methods of treatment of diseases. It supposedly reveals and analyses the influence of energetic fields generated by the heavenly bodies on a so-called "Star body" of an individual (which is often called an energetic matrix by astrologists) and directs it in such a way so that it should not give negative results (disease), leading to a healthy life.




A sacred bird of the ancient Egyptians, with a white body and a black head and tail. Its average length is around 30 inches, it has a long slender down-curved black bill, and a long upper neck. The lower neck, upper body and wings have white feathers. The legs are long and the feet are partly webbed.

The Ibis was believed to be the incarnation of Thoth and was often mummified after death, sometimes even buried with the pharaohs. Carvings of it are found in many Egyptian monuments.


The son of Uranus and Gaia, married to Themis, the father of Atlas, Prometheus, Epimetheus and Menoetius, and, for the Greeks, the father of the human race, which was hence called genus Iapeti, 'progeny of Iapetus'.

Iapetus was one of the Titans, confined to Tartarus after being defeated by Zeus.