Taro Cards - The Minor Arcanas

  Minor Arcana - The Siut of Wands

 * The names of suites and cards differ slightly in the various decks
   the suit of Rods, Clubs, Staffs, Staves, Batons etc
In general The suit of Wands is associated with careers, business enterprises and work. Also Wands indicate the beginning stages of identifying and planning a new course for men's life, usually related to self-development and accomplishment. Travel in all its manifestations, deals, and negotiations of all kinds, Politics, property, family, and career aspects of daily life.

The positive aspect /Upright/ associated with the Wands is represent forward future-oriented energy that is active and inventive. Divinatory meaning: possibility and movement.

The negative aspect /Reversed/ associated with the Wands is the scorching side of the fire - restlessness, anger, violence, pride, mischief, disruption and willfullness.

Appearance - Haircolor: Brown-haired people

The Ace of Wands

The Root of the Powers of Fire

This card is symbolises possibility in the area of creativity, excitement, adventure, courage and personal power. In fact it shows that enthusiasm has been planted in your life although you may not yet recognize it. Later when it developes it can take any form you want: be a creative idea, surge of optimism or need to act boldly. If you see this Ace look at your life from the outside and try to realise if there enough potent and confident energy could work for you. It necessary to risk sometimes to get what you want. This card shows that the time of passion has started and your enthusiasm help you to to assert your best for all to see. It is also a card of creativity and, so, you are getting a chance to be original. Rely on your own creative potential, and there will be no end to what you can achieve.

Upright: Energy, strength, force, solar-phallic outburst of flame, exciting new project or career, creativity, inventiveness, ambition and enthusiasm.

Reversed: Invoked force, bareness, impotence, sterility, avarice, greed, trouble with opposite sex.

Card Number: 22
Numerical Value: 5
Season: Spring
Direction: South

Represents the essence of the elements of fire
The start of sth new

Card Number: 23
Numerical Value: 2
Mars in Aries
Fire in its highest form
Partnership matters of all kinds

The Two of Wands

The Lord of Dominion

This card symbolises a power that brought down to Earth and made personal. Such power is a very intense force that gives you the courage to be great person. A powerful people are like magnets that attract everyone's attention. This energy goes through us straight into the world. When we are able to understand and control it we are the happiest people in the world, because this flow brings with it a tremendous feeling of expansion and fulfillment. If you see this card it means that you or someone else has such source of energy or want to have it. You should revalue all your goals and make sure you are using power wisely. Use this gift to mold your environment in positive ways.

Upright: Harmony of rule and justice, wealth, fortune and success legally obtained through hard work, courage, fierceness, power and wisdom gained through experience. Energy initiating a current of force.

Reversed: Restlessness, obstinacy, ambition, turbulence, the attainment of a worthless ambition, illegally obtained riches and fortune, loss of faith.

The three of Wands

The Lord of Established Strength

The three of Wands is the card of vision and foresight. You have to climb higher if want to see farther. By rising up we make yourselves cleverer and remove ourselves from the dull situation. This card offers you to take the long view. Don't make any thoughtless decisions, but step back and reconsider. Try to see how your present situation fits into a 'big' picture. Another meaning of this card is a such side of your personality as the leadership. When we see further we can make others follow us. If you see the Three of Wands, remember that now is the time to accept your vision and be confident that you can lead others to it.

Upright: Virtue, inspiration and original ideas, pride and arrogance, established strength, success after struggle, plans and ventures that are moving ahead.

Reversed: Conceit, failure, striving, lack of communication between dreams and reality, plans that do not come to fruition.

Card Number: 24
Numerical Value: 3
Sun in Aries
Realization of hope
New projects

Card Number: 25
Numerical Value: 4
Venus in Aries
system of order, law, and government
Stability and security

The four of Wands

The Lord of Perfected Work

This card represents the events, thoughts and experiences that generate excitement. Someone may feel it stronger, someone weaker, but but the stirring feelings are the same. This time may come unexpectedly and this card can signal a surprise or spontaneous thrill. If there is such planned celebrations as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and victory parties this card will represent them. These events are usually planned, but they are also a chance to feel the joy of living. Freedom is another meaning of the Four of Wands. Freedom may appear in different forms, but it always brings with it an inspirational feeling. When you break the chaines that hold you, whether physical, mental or emotional, we are able to move on to a new elevation of growth.

Upright: Perfected work, settlement, hard work resulting in the successful completion of a project, establishment of culture, cleverness, refinement, rest, subtlety, charm, attractiveness, splendour, possibility of romance. Conclusions from previous knowledge.

Reversed: Unreliability from overanxiousness and hurriedness of action, artificial constraints and rules which leads to innate snobbery, superiority, decorum and routine.

The five of Wands

The Lord of Strife

This card stands for the times when your life seems to be danger and everyone lookes like the enemy. Nothing goes smoothly; everyone is working at cross-purposes. There is no agreement with anyone. When this card shows up, be prepared for an extra-work. You are going to need extra patience and perseverance to get to the point where you are able carry out something. This card doesn't promise you major counteraction, but a lot of small ones. The five of Wands is also symbolises a competition. From some points of view competition is useful. It demands redoubling your efforts, generates excitement and encourages the best. So, if this card appears check for competitive elements. There may be a game or race you are involved in. Or you may discover someone who is opposing you or challenging your position. If it is so you should make sure, that it is helping you and others reach your true goals. Otherwise this competition has no purport.

Upright: Quarreling, fighting, competition, problems that simply cannot be avoided, minor irritations, violence, opposition, trouble strife, cruelty, great mental agility, lust and desire.

Reversed: unnecessary competitiveness, trickery, fraud, defeat, hurt and ruin.

Card Number: 26
Numerical Value: 5
Saturn in Leo
purely active force
Letting go of outworn attitudes

Card Number: 27
Numerical Value: 6
Jupiter in Leo
energy are typified
Taking up challenges

The Six of Wands

The Lord of Victory

This card usually appears if you have some great goals and have been working hard to reach them. If you are about to succeed than this card means that the recognition you've been longing for is finally yours. Now you can receive the acclaim, honor and reward that you deserve. If you are still far from the victory, know this card means you are on the right way and doing all you can to make it happen. The victory meant by this card doesn't to involve beating someone else. The Six of Wands is also implies a healthy self-appraisal. It is very important to feel self-confident to reach success, but but too much pride can lead to arrogance and self-inflation. So, if you see this card, check hoe you treat other people. It is very important to remember that one's as good as none.

Upright: Victory, energy in balanced manifestation, good news, gain and success, hopefulness, and satisfaction, great public acclaim gained through hard work and effort, triumph after strife.

Reversed: Quarreling, bad news or delayed news, indecision and fear about the outcome of a situation.

Seven of Wand

The Lord of Valour

This card embodies the idea of an endless battle. When we want to set against something we set in motion an energy of resistance. When we try to insist on something, others do the same. This card is the reflection of aggression and defiance at the same time. You attack; your opponent defends. He counterattacks; you defend. There are different bottles. Some of them are worth fighting, others are just a waste of time. If you see this card you should stop for a while and think. If you are involved in a battle ask yourself if it is worth the struggle. Is the resalt so important for you? Is it so valuable? If it is so, be bold and defend your position. If not, let others to sort out their relationship. Sometime there is a big temptation to to hold onto your position, especially if you have invested much time and energy into it. Try to be honest with yourself about this.

Upright: Valour, struggles, powerful competition, successful advancement, possible victory, success through sustained effort, a time of great opportunity. Victory in small things.

Reversed: Quarreling, hesitation, indecision and retreat, opportunities lost, lack of decisiveness that causes the challenge to be lost.

Card Number: 28
Numerical Value: 7
Mars in Leo
degeneration of the initial Energy
working out priorities and values

Card Number: 29
Numerical Value: 8
Mercury in Sagittarius
interplay and correlation
new jobs or attitudes

The Eight of Wands

The Lord of Swiftness

This card is always a sign that the time to to declare yourself has come. Everything is ready and all you have to do is make the first step without hesitation. So, you'd better cash in while you can. As soon as you've started events will proceed rapidly. This card is also stands for the arrival of news or information. There may be something important that you are about to see or hear. So, be prepared! Another meaning of this card to signify endings. Everything ends sooner or later. The Eight of Wands symbolizes both- putting events into motion and bringing them to a close. If you see this card it may be time to complete something you've been doing and prepare to move on to something new.

Upright: Energy of high velocity, swiftness, speech, light, activity, the right time to obtain fotune and success, speeding-up - end to delays, approach to goal, hope, understanding, rapidity, harmony, important journeys, freedom, correspondence, letter or favourable message.

Reversed: Too much force applied too suddenly, disagreements, disputes, lack of steam, effort or/and force wasting, spontaneous actions, cancelled journeys, redundancy or sacking, flash in the pan.

The Nine of Wands

The Lord of Great Strength

This card usually tries to warn you to be more careful. Be all eyes because there is a possibility for something bad to happen. If you have already been burned, you know what this means. The lessons of life can be cruel sometimes, but they make you stronger and cleverer. Another meaning of this card is strength. It tells you to go towards your purpose and not to give up no matter what. Even if everyone and everything seems to be against you right now, don't stop!

Upright: Tremendous force, strength, power, success after opposition and strife, good health, discipline, stability, courage, any opposition will be defeated, recovery from sickness.

Reversed: Poor or ill health, lack or inability, personality flaws, delays and disarray.

Card Number: 30
Numerical Value: 9
Moon in Sagittarius
development of the Force
where you find satisfaction

Card Number: 31
Numerical Value: 10
Saturn in Sagittarius
the Force detached from spiritual sources
Finding completion

The Ten of Wands

The Lord of Oppression

This card can be treated as a sign that you've taken too fast speed and are pushing yourself too hard. If your life is just a whirlpool of of duties and tasks then you shell get relived of a part of your duties for the sake of your health and well-being. Relax and try to do only those things that that give you pleasure. Try to find the balance between your work and private life. This card also indicates the time when you have to assume responsibility. Either you want it or not, but it seems , you will have to step forward and take charge because you are the only one capable enough. And another meaning of this card is that there is going to be much more problems in your life for a time. Each step will be troubled by a fight, every little gain will be a hard-won victory. So, you should better to let others help , because you are not able to handle everything yourself.

Upright: Fire in its most destructive aspect, oppression, cruelty and malice, honourable conduct, demanding time projects, job or overtime, lack of social life, ill will.

Reversed: Repression, treachery, selfishness, lies to upset others, unnecessary stress, jealousy, spoil the pleasures

The Page of Wands

The Princess of the Shining Flame
The Rose of the Palace of Fire

This card is a messenger that brings you opportunities for passion. In readings, this Page suggests that an opening may appear that excites you, feeds your talents, or dares you to be great. If you see this card, don't waste your time and act.

Upright: Trustworthy, happiness, excitement. A young woman, individualistic, enthusiastic, daring with great energy, sudden and violent in love. Also the Page of Wands represent person who is a messenger of good news.

Reversed: Superficial, theatrical, false, cruel, unreliable, faithless woman. Unability to keep a confidence, spread gossip, change of address, delayed journeys.

Card Number: 32
Numerical Value: 7
Elemental Name: Earth of Fire
The earthy part of Fire

Card Number: 33
Numerical Value: 4
Elemental Name: Fire of Fire
the purely male creative force in fire or spirit
Movement forward and challenges

The Knight of Wands

The Lord of the Flame and the Lightening
The King of the Spirits of Fire

The positive meaning of this card fulfills the idea of life that full of energy, life that is always new. On the negative side this Knight is a little too sure of himself and his abilities. He is always reckless and irresponsible and gets in trouble because of his temper. If you see this card it means that this confident, passionate style is involved in the situation as a part of you, someone else or the atmosphere in general. If disbalance is doubtless than you should try to improve it. Is your company rushing into something risky without proper information and preparation? If the answer is 'Yes' you should do something about it. If the energy confined in this card is missed you shell add a dose of passion and daring in your life. Try something new. Try to add some merriment in your life.

Upright: A man with the qualities of activity, generosity, impetuosity. A person who has an energetic, confident, but unpredictable nature.

Reversed: Evil-minded, cruel, bigoted and brutal man, someone who enjoys discord, arguments, strife and trouble. Indicate delayed journeys, great enthusiasm.

The Queen of Wands

The Queen of the Thrones of Flame

This card embodies positive fire energy. She is always attractive. Her warm smile and easygoing manner bring her lots of friends and admirers. She is full of energy and enthusiasm. She can face any challenge and tackles it with wholehearted dedication and commitment. Nothing can get her down. Her life is full and busy, and she prefers it that way. She is absolutely healthy and fit. Her self- confidence comes from the knowledge that she can accomplish whatever she sets her mind to. If you see this card it is a sign that you should ask yourself if you think as the Queen of Wands. Think about it.

Upright: represents a charming, very generous, capable and fair person with great power to attract who is both fertile in mind and body, generous but impatient of opposition. Also indicate the success of a project.

Reversed: Represents a person who has a tendency to dominate, obstinate, revengeful, domineering, who has a cruel very dry sense of humor, sometime stupid.

Card Number: 34
Numerical Value: 4
Elemental Name: Water of Fire
the watery part of fire
Mature women. Comfort, nurturing, and satisfaction

Card Number: 35
Numerical Value: 4
Elemental Name: Air of Fire
the earthy part of fire
Worldly success, achievements and assertion

The King of Wands

The Prince of the Chariot of Fire

The meaning of this card includes such things as of the positive fire energy and the active. This card embodies creativity and casting-off such things as settling for old and tired approaches. The King of Wands symbolises enthusiasm and desire to take the lead if the opportunity presents itself. Other people always follow such person that shows them the way with confidence. This King is never a picture on the wall, more often the center of everyone's attention. He's bold and daring. He avoids the safe, easy route because he has the energy and assurance to take risks and win. This card tells you to stop hesitating and act. This King is also symbolises an atmosphere of his nature , the atmosphere of excitement and daring. If you see this card it means that his special energy has meaning for you at this time.

Upright: A young man, swift and strong, violent and impulsive. A charming, responsible, loyal, entertaining, witty, honest, conscientious and generous person with a sense of humor.

Reversed: Proud, intolerant, cruel, narrow minded and prejudices person who may be a coward.

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