Taro Cards - The Major Arcanas

  Major Arcana

  * The names of cards differ slightly in the various card decks
    The Fool,  The  Magician,   The High Priestess, 
	The Empress, The Emperor, The Pope, The Lovers

Card Number: 0
Key Number: 11
Rulership: Air
Hebrew Letter: Aleph
Translation: Ox
Numerical Value: 3

The Fool

The Spirit of the Aether

positive interpretations of this tarot card: new beginnings, optimism, inventiveness, spontaneity, fearlessness, excitement, visionary, joy,

negative interpretations of this tarot card: naivete,immaturity, thoughtlessness, lack of responsibility, impulsiveness

It is of no importance whether we regard the Fool as the beginning of the trump cards or the twenty-second card. The Fool is always there, capable of being the freest card in the pack, to make or break the permutations of other cards. Giving hope or despair, it is the most mysterious as well as the most dramatic of the trumps. The Fool can become the adept, the epitome of wisdom, or it can remain the symbol of foolishness. The student learns that in life there are many times when there is a choice between being wise or foolish, and this has nothing to do with age or education. The position of the Fool as it appears in any one of the numerous "throws" can indicate the right decision, which will benefit the client.

The Magician

The Magnus of Power

positive interpretations of this tarot card: action, originality, confidence, individuality, potential, willpower, new beginnings

negative interpretations of this tarot card: trickery, deception, lack of self-confidence, indecision, abuse of power

The magician depicts the type of person who will try anything because it is new. He is the experimenter, able to grasp new ideas and to make them become reality. The magician is regarded as one of the most fortunate cards, which can be clearly associated with success.
Card Number: 1
Key Number: 12
Rulership: Mercury
Hebrew Letter: Beth
Translation: House
Numerical Value: 9

Card Number: 2
Key Number: 13
Rulership: The Moon
Hebrew Letter: Gimel
Translation: camel
Numerical Value: 9

The High Priestess

The Priestess of the Silver Star

positive interpretations of this tarot card: intuitiveness, understanding, wisdom, mystery, psychic ability, the divine feminine

negative interpretations of this tarot card: lack of intuitiveness, emotional insecurity, secretiveness, hidden obstacles or opponents

The high priestess indicates an unseen force, which can be extrasensory perception. Some people may prefer to call this intuition. It is linked with experience; the years of struggle may be part of this experience, but the intuitive force will guide the subject so that as he grows older he gains wisdom. If this card is near the Fool, the reader must discover from other cards whether the Fool is in his foolish or wise guise. The relationship of the Fool to this card will indicate a life of many varied experiences.

The Empress

The Daughter of the Mighty Ones

positive interpretations of this tarot card: fertility, birth, motherhood, harmony, nature, prosperity, joy, love, artistic ambition

negative interpretations of this tarot card: domestic upheaval, emotional blackmail, over-protectiveness, poverty, infertility, unwanted pregnancy, surpressed artistic expression

The empress card is of more importance to women than to men, unless the men are born under the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. It is the card indicating that success comes through endeavor, but there is also a chance to enjoy many aspects of happiness in personal Me without very much conscious effort.
Card Number: 3
Key Number: 14
Rulership: Venus
Hebrew Letter: Daleth
Translation: Door
Numerical Value: 9

Card Number: 4
Key Number: 15
Rulership: Aries
Hebrew Letter: Heh
Translation: Window
Numerical Value: 12

The Emperor

Son of Morning: Chief Among the Mighty

positive interpretations of this tarot card: achievement, authority, protection, support, trustworthy, discipline, provider, consolidation, reason, willpower

negative interpretations of this tarot card: weakness, immaturity, failed ambition, status driven, tyrannical, untrustworthy

The good aspects of the emperor are heightened if the subject is born under any of the fire signs—Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius. It shows strength, determination, will power, courage, and an ability to be an authority over others. Powerful friends are likely to come your way and help you to attain social and business success if this is in your throw of cards.

The Pope

The Magnus of the Eternal

positive interpretations of this tarot card: advice, wise counsel, spiritual consolation, knowledge, identification, faith, conformity, tradition

negative interpretations of this tarot card: misinformation, lack of faith, deviousness, bad advice, confusion, disorderly conduct

The pope is a card to be wary of. It can be fortunate for those whose work takes them into the reahns of the law and the Church; so diverse is its influence that it can be helpful to the gambler too, especially in horse racing. Wisdom, great flashes of inspiration, and many monetary gains come by this card. It is regarded as the card whereby success is more likely to come by chance rather than deliberate endeavor.
Card Number: 5
Key Number: 16
Rulership: Taurus
Hebrew Letter: Vau
Translation: Nail
Numerical Value: 12

Card Number: 6
Key Number: 17
Rulership: Gemini
Hebrew Letter: Zain
Translation: Weapon
Numerical Value: 12

The Lovers

The Children of the Voice; The Oracle of the Mighty Gods

positive interpretations of this tarot card: desire, new lover, relationships, physical attraction, love, sex, commitment

negative interpretations of his card: lust, moral lapse, temptation, indecision, seperation, failed love affair, emotional loss

Both sexes can regard the lovers as a fortunate card, but it is especially potent for those born under the signs of Gemini and Virgo. It represents success in love and has an affinity to marriage brought about by unusually strange circumstances. Love with a dash of magic is a characteristic of this card.

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