Taro Cards - The Major Arcanas

  Major Arcana

  * The names of cards differ slightly in the various card decks
    The  Major  Arcana /22cards/ is the heart of the Tarot cards

The Fool It is of no importance whether we regard the Fool as the beginning of the trump cards or the twenty-second card. The Fool is always there

The Magician The magician depicts the type of person who will try anything because it is new.

The High Priestess The high priestess indicates an unseen force, which can be extrasensory perception.

The Empress The empress card is of more importance to women than to men, unless the men are born under the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces.

The Emperor The good aspects of the emperor are heightened if the subject is born under any of the fire signs—Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius.

The Pope It can be fortunate for those whose work takes them into the reahns of the law and the Church; so diverse is its influence that it can be helpful to the gambler too, especially in horse racing.

The Lovers Both sexes can regard the lovers as a fortunate card, but it is especially potent for those born under the signs of Gemini and Virgo.

The Chariot The chariot of the sun brings triumph over difficulties and an ability to overcome health problems.

Justice Justice itself is not always kind or completely imnate. If justice could always be tempered with mercy then it might tell a different story.

The Hermit The hermit is one of the most difficult cards in the pack. It indicates that the subject is motivated by good intentions that are misunderstood.

The Wheel of Fortune All the ups and downs of Me are within the wheel of fortune. The subject will feel that life is like a seesaw.

Force Endurance is shown by the strength card, the tough one of the Tarot, which expects its subjects to have a hard core of steel as a backbone.

The Hanged Man The card that seems to have a fascination for everyone looking through a Tarot deck for the first time is the hanged man.

Death The death card indicates loss. Persons under its dominance not only are afraid of death, they are also fearful of living.

Temperance This card is regarded as one in which action follows thought and leads to adequate rewards for all efforts made..

The Devil The orthodox religious person will wince at the sight of the devil even on a card. The occult student will see that temptation is within the power of man to reject or to accept.

The Tower Struck by Lightning The tower is another card regarded as having high karmic significance. It signifies ordeals arising in life which cannot be explained by logic.

The Star For those born under the sign of Aquarius and for many of the people born in the early springtime of the year, the star is a fortunate card.

The Moon The moon card is associated with both illusion and delusion. Life can be seen clearly or distorted as through a mirror.

The Sun The sun gives rewards to all who accept challenges; success comes through ambitious labor, which must be effectively channeled.

Judgment It is a card associated with "what must be." It can bring long periods of happiness followed by shorter periods of strain.

The World A fortunate card, the world brings with it hopes and desires that burgeon into fulfillment.

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