Position of the mounts & their meanings

Palmistry: The mounts. Their position and their meanings.

Any emotional experience - fear for example, leave a mark on your face . Your arm is under the same influence. The fear (let us use this example) can turn nice face into ugly caricature. The fear influences your arm in the same way - you double your hand into a fist. Someone also make muscular movements. It is all lead to some changes in the shape of your arm. That means, as you understand, that all: the shape, size of you arm and also lines that cross it depend on your own character and temperament.

The names that were given to the Mounts are those also given to the seven planets that's way the destiny of the earth.

	  Venus- love, sensuality, passion.
	   Mars- fighting, courage , vitality.
	    Mercury- mentality, commerce, science.
	     Moon- Imagination, romance.
	       Sun- brilliancy, success.
	         Jupiter- ambition, power domination.
	           Saturn- reserve, seriousness.

The mount of Mars.

The mount of Mars has two positions. The first one is under the upper part of the Line of Life, and another is in the space between the Line of Heart and the Line of Head. The first shows us physical characteristics and the second - mental.

The first Mount of Mars.

This Mount shows generocity, people are usually good- natured , but impulsive in their actions. They have great obstinacy of purpose and determination. These people should cultivate self-controle and moderate themselves in all kinds of stimulants( alcohol, wine).

The second Mount of Mars

The second Mount of Mars is more important when a person was born between 21 October to the 21 November. In the Zodiac this period is called the House of Mars. These people are usually very courageous and stop at nothing to carry out their purpose. They are also very many -sided, so it's difficult for them to succeed in some special career. If a good line of Head be found on the palm then there is nothing in the world of mental endeavour in which they wouldn't succeed.

The Mount of Jupiter and its meaning.

When it large it shows a desire to dominate, to be leader. These good qualities will be employed if only the Line of Head is clear and long. Otherwise these people will be too self- confident and self- opinionated. If this Mount is not very large it means that these people seem to possess a kind of natural understanding of things especially the history of countries geological researches. In spite of this mental ability these people are too sensitive and lacking in self-confidence. There is everything depends on the Line of Head which determines if will-power is sufficient to make this type overcome its natural sensitiveness.

The Mount of Saturn and its meaning.

If this Mount is too small it means that this person has a more or less frivolous way of looking at life, while if its too big it symbolises an exaggeration of all the qualities it represents.

The Mount of Sun and its meaning.

If it large and well-developed it indicates glory, desire to shine. It is always considered a good Mount to have large. People with this mount large have an expansive temperament and generous in all their tastes. They have a great force of personality. If it small and weak-developed it means these people seldom attract wealth and if they do it's more for others than for themselves. They also often fell victims of gloom and melancholy.

The Mount of Mercury and its meaning.

This Mount relate to the mind than anything else. With a Line of Head long and well-seen it means the mental aptitude and success. It gives wit, thought, eloquence. If this line is weak , badly marked it denotes mental excitability, nervousness, lack of concentration, trickness in business. If you find such person in a good mood he/she will be the most delightful people imaginable, but you shouldn't expect them to be today they were yesterday.

The Mount of the Moon and its meaning.

This Mount associates with everything that has to do with the emotional temperament, romance , ideality, poetry and so on. We may say that this mount is positive if it looks well-developed and high. These people who has such Mount on their hand are usually gifted with strong imagination. They are very romantic, but idealistic in their wishes. They usually succeed as inventors and in all new ideas in almost every carrer they may choose. This Mount is considered to be negative when it is small and flat. Such people have good mental powers but have pure imagination. They are trying to do good to others, but succeeding in helping masses more than individuals. They are usually religious people .

The Mount of Venus and its meaning.

When it sharply shaped and not too big it denotes longing for love and friendship. Such people can find beauty in everything and in every form. They are also very temperamental and emotional. If you are a friend of them, they will do everything to please you. When this Mount is difficult to find we can say that such people usually are very clever but it doesn't bring them any happiness. They are unhappy in love because of their inner restraint and doubts. They just can't ' let themselves go' like the previous type. These people may be successful doctors or lawyers but usually are not happy in general.