Seven important lines on your hand

Palmistry: Lines on the hand and their meanings.

1. The Line of Life, the one that embraces the Mount of Venus.
2. The Line of Head, which crosses the centre of the hand.
3. The Line of Heart, one that goes parallel to the Line of the Head.
4. The Line of Venus, which situated above the Line of the Heart and encircling the Mounts of Saturn and the Sun.
5. The Line of Health, which crosses the Lines of Heart and Head.
6. The Line of Sun, which rises on the Plane of Mars.
7. The Line of Fate, which goes through the centre of the hand and begins from the wrist.

There are seven important lines on your hand.

The Line of Life.

This line should be long and narrow without breaks or crosses of any kind. The person with such line will have long life, good health and vitality. When this line is linked or lookes like chain it means bad health. When this line is broken in the right hand and joined in the left it means the presence of some dangerous illness, if broken in both hands it signify death.When this line is closely connected with the line of head the person is usually intelligent and open-minded. When the lines of head, heart and life are joined together it means that this person is not very clever and rushes through a defect in self-understanding towards the disaster. If the line of life is divided toward the end that means that this person will end his/her life in a country different from that of birth.

The Line of Head.

This line relates to the intelligence of the person. It show his/her level of the intellect. There are three different points where this line can rise from- the centre of the Mount of Jupiter, from the commencement the line of Life and from the Mount of Mars. In the first case it is the most powerful of all. Such person is usually very talented, full of energy, purposeful. He/she has an ability to control others, yet not seem to control them. The line of head in connection with line of life indicates that this person is sensitive and takes everything too close. Even clever people with such mark rein themselves down. In the third case when this line rising from the Mount of Mars it means that this person has a fretful temperament , constantly changes his/her opinion. The connection with the Mount of Mars gives one disagreeable trait- this person is always in conflict with his relatives. He/she is also sensitive, nervous and irritable.

The Line of Heart.

It is a very important line in the study of the hand. Love and attraction ruled by this line. The line of the heart should be deep, clear and well shaped. It may take its beginning from three important positions: the middle of the Mount of Jupiter, between the first and second fingers and from the centre of the Mount of Saturn. In the first case it means that the person is strong and reliable in his/her affections and will have very little love affairs. Next we have a person whose line of Heart rising between or from a finger itself. Such location shows that this person is too self-confident and so carried away by his/her pride that can see no faults. On the other hand, these people are deeper in matters of love. With the line of the Heart rising from Saturn the person will have more passion in his/her attachments and will be trying to satisfy loved ones. Such people are not very expressive or demonstrative in their everyday life. If the line of Heart is bright red it denotes that this person is very violent and passionate. when pale and broad, the person is indifferent. It is very good if the line of Heart commences high or low on the hand. The first is perfect, because it shows the happiest person you' ve ever met!

The Line of Faith.

This line relates to all our affairs. It shows if we tend to succeed or fail and ultimate resalt of our career. There are several points where this line can begin from. If the line of Faith rise from the line of life it means that the success and wealth will be won by personal merits. When this line rises from the wrist that means this person is extremely lucky and successful. If the line of Faith turns to any mount or portion of the hand we can predict a great success in that certain direction, according to the characteristic of the mount. If this line runs beyond the palm cutting into finger of Saturn it is not a good sign as everything that goes too far. When there is breaks or gaps in this line this is a sign of misfortune and loss and his/her career is uncertain. There will be a lot of ups and downs. People who don't have any sign of line of Faith are usually very successful but too passive, so in general we can't say that they are happy because they can't feel acutely neither happiness nor reverse.

The Line of Sun.

This is the line of brilliancy or the line of success. Rising from the line of life it denotes that this person's life will be devoted to the worship of the beautiful. When this line rising from the Mount of Moon it promises success and distinction dependent upon the help of others. It means uncertainty in success, influenced by the fortunes of those who he/she comes in contact. A person whose line of sun rising from the line of heart has a taste for art and artistic things. A star visible on this line is the finest sign that can be found. It means a great and lasting success in career. On a hollow hand the line of sun looses all its power. The absence of this line means complete absence of talents. Such person can work hard but it is difficult for them to gain the other people recognition.

The line of Health.

This line should lie straight down the hand. The complete absence of this line is a very good sign. It means an extremely robust, healthy constitution. The presence of this line in any form means some weak points to be guarded against. When this line touching the line of heart it symbolises some weakness of the heart. If it is pale in color it means a bad blood circulation. When twisted or irregular it means a presence some liver-disease. The line of health crossing the line of life at any points tells us that there is some delicacy at work undermining the health.

The Line of Venus.

This line usually associated with people who are sensitive but changeable in moods, easyly offended and very touchy at the same time. Such people are capable of rising to the highest top of their enthusiasm over anything that engages their attention, but they are too moody to succeed in these undertakings. Such people are hard to live with.