Friends, Health, Colors, Stones

Libra will find their friendships and unions with persons born between January 21 to February 18-27, May 21 to June.

Libra are inclined to suffer most from nerves and depression of spirits, as well from pain in the back and kidneys and headaches.

The most suitable colors for them are all shades of blue, violet, purple and mauve.

The birth stone for Libra are the opal and the pearl.
corresponding tarot card
The emperor element : Air planet: Venus

Current Libra horoscope

For the week of: March 2 th - March 8 th, 2009

This week is highlighted by you being less cautious, more adventurous, confident, and willing to spread your wings to explore new possibilities. This shift in attitude is also accompanied by adopting a much more liberal, perhaps extravagant and less ethical, approach to life. You are more willing to borrow money and spend savings in order to have the things you feel are necessary to enjoy a life of greater prosperity and freedom. You also travel a lot now and mix more easily with people of different social, religious, and ethnic backgrounds. You are much less provincial in your approach to life. You are also likely to attend parties and other social gatherings where you mix with people of a higher economic strata or higher educational level than your usual circle of friends.

Lucky numbers for this week are: 5, 9, 11, 21, 35,

Character of person born in October

Diplomatic, harmonious, cooperative, partnership-led

The sign Libra is representing as a symbol of The Balance. They are positive and decisive in thoughts and actions. Libra have great foresight and intuition, and generally seen at their best on first impression. They are often very psychic, have curious presentiments, and would make very devout spiritualists, theosophists, occultists. Libra are often very successful as speculators, but they have little regard for the value of money, and have as a rule great ups and downs in their careers.

Celebrities: Some Famous Libra

Adolf Oberl„nder, German painter
Annie Besant, [Wood], England, philosopher (Esoteric christianity)
Paul Abraham Dukas, Paris France, composer (Vell‚da)
Pieter van Essen, Dutch artillery officer/inventor (grape-shot shells)
Isra‰l Querido, Dutch writer (Menschenwee)
Othmar Spann, Austria economist/sociologist (Geschichtsfilosofie)
Leonid Leonidovich Sabaneyev, composer
William Edward Boeing, founded aircraft co (Boeing)
Louis Untermeyer, NYC, poet/critic (Immortal Poems, Story Poems)
Ahmad Amin, Egyptian historian/author
Alice Joyce, Kansas City MO, actress (Song O' My Heart)
Constantin Nottara, composer
Stanley Holloway, London England, actor (Higgins-Our Man Higgins)

Jacob van Strij, Dutch cartoonist/graphic artist
Josef Jawurek, composer
Philip Cipriani Hambley Potter, pianist/composer
Nat Turner, Virginia, leader of major slave rebellion (1831)
Anton Emil Titl, composer
Gunnar Wennerberg, composer
George Washington Getty, Bvt Major General (Union Army), died in 1901
Alexander Peter "Old Straight" Stewart, Lt Gen (Confederate Army)
Joannes Kappeyne van de Coppello, Dutch Internal minister (1877-79)
Edmund Jackson Davis, Brig General (Union volunteers), died in 1883
Edward Burnett Tylor, English anthropologist
Julius von Sachs, botanist/naturalist
Louis A Ranvier, French anatomist/historian
Hans Thoma, painter
Paul Ludwig Hans von Beneckendorf und Hindenburg, German president
Ferdinand Foch, France, responsible for Allies winning WW I

Benjamin Boretz, composer
Harold Ralph Henning, Johannesburg S Afr, PGA golfer (1966 Texas Open)
Madlyn Rhue, Wash DC, actress (Bracken's World, Executive Suite)
Abdon Pamich, Italy, 50K walker (Olympic-gold-1964)
Charles M Duke Jr, Charlotte NC, Brig Gen USAF/astronaut (Apol 16)
Steve Reich, NYC, composer (My Name is)
Boldizsar Csiky, composer
Eli Jacobs, baseball owner (Baltimore Orioles)
Ton de Kruyf, composer
David R Obey, (Rep-D-Wisconsin, 1969- )
Eddie Cochran, Okla City, rock vocalist/guitarist (C'Mon Everybody)
Alan O'Day, Hollywood Ca, rocker
Mike Troy, US swimmer (Olympics-2 gold-1960)

Gregg "Hobie" Hubbard, Apopka Fla, country singer (Betty's Bein' Bad)
Jennifer Anglin, Adrian Mich, actress (Cheryl-General Hospital)
David W Harper, Abilene Tx, actor (Jim Bob-Waltons)
John Secada, singer
Mary Ellen Stuart, actress (Frannie Crawford-As the World Turns)
Aldo Sprenger, Dutch pop guitarist (Kong-Phlegm)
Dennis Cook, Lamarque TX, pitcher (Texas Rangers)
A C Green, NBA forward (Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks)
Bruce Ruffin, Lubbock TX, pitcher (Colorado Rockies)
Patti Berendt, San Diego CA, LPGA golfer (1995 Star Bank Classic-24th)

John Downey, composer
Willem de Kwaadsteniet, lawyer/Dutch MP (CDA)
Autherine Lucy, 1st black to enroll in U of Alabama at Tuscaloosa
Richard F Gordon Jr, Seattle, Capt USN/astronaut (Gemini 11, Apol 12)
Skip Homeier, Chicago Ill, actor (Beachhead, Dan Raven, Interns)
Pavel Romanovich Popovich, Ukraine, cosmonaut (Vostok IV, Soyuz 14)
Madhav Apte, cricketer (bro of Arvind 7 Tests for India, 1 century)
Yvonne Braitwaite Burke, lawyer (Rep)
Diane Cilento, Queensland Aust, actress (Agony & Ecstasy, Wicker Man)
David Smith, cricketer (England opening bowler v India 1961-62)
Jimmy Binks, cricket wicket-keeper (England twice v India 1964)
Peter Brown, NYC, actor (Lawman, Laredo, Bold & Beautiful)
Annerose Schmidt, East German pianist

Stephanie Zimbalist, NYC, actress (Remington Steele, Centennial)
Dom Galluscio, race horse trainer
Shahzad Altaf, cricketer (UAE off-spinner 1996 World Cup)
John Mackin, programmer
Robyn Maher, Australian basketball guard (Olympics-bronze-96)
Walter Ray Williams Jr, bowler (twice Player of the Year)
[Dennis Ray] "Oil Can" Boyd, baseball pitcher (Boston Red Sox)
Albert Lewis, NFL cornerback (Oakland Raiders)
Jeffrey Trachta, Staten Island NY, actor (Thorne-Bold & Beautiful)
Richard Jobson, British TV person/rocker (Skids-Scared to Dance)
Scott Stevens, jockey
Kathrin D”rre, East German marathoner (Olympic-bronze-1988)

Judy Sams, Toronto Ontario, golfer (1994 du Maurier Ltd Classic-38th)
Kim Morris, San Diego Ca, playmate (Mar, 1986)
Penny Graeber, Sydney Australia, golfer (1990 6th Vic Open)
Judy Landers, Phila, actress (Vega$, BJ & the Bear, Madame's Place)
Ann Curless, singer (Expos‚-What You Don't Know)
Rich Delucia, Reading PA, pitcher (SF Giants)
Sam Brown, English singer/songwriter (Stop!)
Stuart Hendley, Houston Tx, Canadian Tour golfer (1989 Manitoba Open)
Juul Ellerman, soccer player (PSV, FC Twente)
Trent Brown, CFL defensive back (Edmonton Eskimos)
Mariana Perez-Roldan, Argentina, tennis star
Erick Anderson, NFL linebacker (Washington Redskins)
Randy Bartz, Roseville Minn, short track skater (Olympics-1994)
Toni Braxton, singer (You Mean the World to Me)

Jean-Jacques Beineix, director (Betty Blue, Diva)
Emiel Puttemans, Flemish athlete
Tony Wilson, Trinidad, rock vocalist (Hot Chocolate)
Yelena Ivanovna Dobrokvashina, Russian cosmonaut (Soyuz T-15a)
Johnny Ramone, NY, pop guitarist (Ramones-Love Live)
Sarah Purcell, Richmond Ind, actress/TV hostess (Real People)
Stefanie Marrian, Paris France, comedienne (Benny Hill Show)
Hamish Stuart, Scotland, guitarist/singer (Average White Band)
Michael Rose, rocker (Average White Band)
Sigourney [Susan Alexandra] Weaver, LA, actress (Alien, Working Girl)
Robert "Kool" Bell, Youngstown Oh, rocker (Kool & the Gang-Joanna)
Johnny Ramone [Cummings], guitarist/co-founder (Ramones)
Cliff Adams, rocker

Fyvush Finkel, actor (Middle Ages, Picket Fences)
Raymond Wilding-White, composer
Donald Sinden, England, actor (Doctor at Large, Mogambo, Simba)
Ronald Tremain, composer
Robert A Rushworth, Madison Maine, test pilot (X-15)
Robert Finch, actor (Academy Theater)
Daniele Delorme, [Gabrielle Girard], Paris, actress (Pardon My Affair)
Ivan Metropolitan Ioann Snychev, Russion Orthodox Priest
Einojuhani Rautavaara, Helsinki Finland, composer (Kaivos)
David Rounds, Bronxville NY, actor (Terence-Beacon Hill)
Fjolnir Stefansson, composer
Bill Tidy, English cartoonist (Fosdyke Saga)
Jacobo Majluta Azar, politician
Don[ald] McCullin, British photographer

Vernon Duke, composer
Jane Winton, Phila, actress (Hell's Angel, Patsy, Don Juan)
Paul Creston, [Giuseppe Guttoveggio], NY, composer (Creative Harmony)
David Alexander Reginald Herbert, writer
John Waldo Green, NYC, composer (Body & Soul, Guy Lombardo's arranger)
Florida Friebus, actress (Dobie Gillis' mom, Bob Newhart Show)
Luc van Brabant, Flemish writer/erotic poet
Alan Frank, music publisher
Milton "Tippy" Larkin, band leader
Price Daniel, (Gov/Sen-D-Texas)
Charles Henry Madge, poet writer/sociologist

Thelonious Monk, jazz great, stroke
Jerome Robbins, [Rabinowitz], NY, choreographer (Tony-West Side Story)
Art Blakey, Pitts PA, drummer (Billy Eckstine Band, Jazz Messengers)
Elmore Leonard, US writer (Glitz, Mr Majestyk, Touch, 52 Pick-Up)
Nancy Guild, LA Calif, actress (Where Was I?)
Earle Hyman, NC, actor (Russell-Cosby, Coriolanus)
John Dewes, cricketer (England opener late 40's early 50's)
Thomas Burnett Swann, US, sci-fi author (Day of Minotaur)
Bill Fischer, baseball player
Harry Glass, German DR, 1st E German Olympic medalist (bronze-1956)
Sam Johnson, (Rep-R-Texas)

Lionel Washington, cornerback (Oakland Raiders)
Stephen Brent Lowery, Birmingham AL, PGA golfer (1994 Sprint)
Dhammika Ranatunga, cricketer (bro of Arjuna Sri Lankan batsman 1990)
Sid Fernandez, Honolulu Hawaii, pitcher (NY Mets, Phila Phillies)
Michael Zordich, NFL strong safety (Phila Eagles)
Randy Wood, Princeton, NHL left wing (Dallas Stars)
Darrick Heath, Hempstead NY, team handball left back (Olympics-1996)
Fanie De Villers, cricketer (great South African pace bowler 1993- )
Jo Ann Willette, actress (Constance-Just 10 of Us, Real Genius)
Chris Chandler, NFL quarterback (Houston Oilers, Atlanta Falcons)
J Daigneault, Montreal, NHL defenseman (Pitts Penguins)
Larry Silveira, Walnut Creek CA, Nike golfer (NIKE Knoxville Open-2nd)

Gilberto Mendes, composer
Servaas "Faas" Wilkes, Dutch soccer star (Xerxes/Fortuna/Inter Milan)
Nipsey Russell, comedian (Car 54 Where Are You?, Barefoot in the Park)
Terry Gibbs, Bkln NY, orch leader (Steve Allen Comedy Hour)
Frank D Gilroy, American writer (Subject Was Roses)
Lenny Bruce, [Leonard Schneider], comedian, arrested on obsenity
Margaret Thatcher, Grantham England, (Tory) British PM (1979-90)
Ray Brown, US, bandleader
Anita Kerr, Memphis TN, singer (Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour)
Peter J Clase, S African minister of Education/Culture (1985- )
Ed Matthews, Hall of Famer/Milwaukee Brave/HR hitter (512)
Janice Elliott, novelist

Dwight D Eisenhower, Denison Tx, (R) 34th Pres (1953-1961)/Gen (WW 2)
Frank Conroy, Derby England, actor (Call of the Wild)
Paul de Keyser, Flemish story teller/philologist/folklorist
Sumner Welles, US undersecretary/diplomat (Good neighbor policy)
Heinrich Lbke, West German president (1959-69)
Sutan Ibrahim gelor Datuk Tan Malaka, founder (Indonesian Communist)
Lillian Gish, silent film/stage actress (Birth of a Nation)
Cruys Voorbergh, Dutch actor/director (Flying Dutchman)
Alan Washbond, US, 2-man bobsled (Olympic-gold-1932)
Edwin McLeod, cricketer (played in NZ's 2nd-ever Test 1930)
Willem A Wagenaar, journalist/writer (Shanghai)
Stanley Coen, cricketer (South African batsman in two Tests 1927-28)

Frederik Willem IV, king of Prussia (1840-61)/Germany (1849-61)
August Ferdinand Haeser, composer
Amiel Weeks Whipple, Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1863
Irvin McDowell, Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1885
Marinus FAG Campbell, bibliography/literary
Alfred Meissner, Austrian physician/writer
Asaph Hall, discovered satellites of Mars (Phobos & Deimos)
Helen Maria Hunt Jackson, author (Ramona)
Henry Harrison Walker, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1912
Klaas Kater, Dutch Christian Worker's Union Leader
Thomas Lafayette Rosser, Mjr General (Confederate Army), died in 1910
Friedrich Nietzsche, Germany, philosopher/anti-semite (šbermensch)
George F Moore, US theologist (Hebrews, Old Testament)


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