Friends, Health, Colors, Stones

Leo find their friedships with people born in period from March 21 to April 49-27 or January 21- to February 18-28 and November 21 to December 20-27.

Leo are inclined to suffer from the heart, palpitations, pain in head and ears.

The most suitable colors for Leo are all shades of yellow, orange, pale green, and white.

The birth stones for them are topazes, amber, and rubies.
corresponding tarot card
The emperor element : fire planet : the Sun

Current Leo horoscope

For the week of: March 2 th - March 8 th, 2009

This week is highlighted by you finding it stressful to balance needs for freedom and independence with needs for love and intimate companionship. You really behave quite oddly or aloof right now which will put others off considerably thus affording you the space you need, but at a cost. You are also attracted to the exotic, offbeat, unusual, or bizarre at this time. People or things which might offend your senses at other times now arouse your appreciation and interest. This will not be a boring time if you can help it! But it is apt to be a tense time if you are in a close, bonded relationship.

Lucky numbers for this week are: 5, 27, 29, 57, 59,

Character of person born in August

Dramatic, open, regal, proud, generous, playful

Leo always aim to get above the common herd of humanity and themselves, Leo are naturally attracted to strong personalities - in fact they will forgive any fault in the person they like so long as they have individuality and purpose. Leo are exceptionally truthful and honest, but they often get terribly deceived and have a tendency in the end to become bitter, sever and over-critical. Leo are usually lucky in money matters, often having money given to them from unthought-of sources, but they crave love above all and this is the one thing they seldom get.

Celebrities: Some Famous Leo

John F Mahoney, developed pencillin treatment of syphillis
George II, king of Greece
Constantly Burniaux, Belg, art historian (Temps Inquiets)
Benjamin E Mays, SC, black educator (Morehouse, Howard University)
Morris Stoloff, Phila, violinist (Picnic, Pal Joey)
William Steinberg, Cologne, conductor (Boston Symph-1969-71)
Otto Nothling, cricketer (Test for Australia 1928, 52 runs aver 26)
Gerard Blitz, Belgian swimmer/founder (Club M‚diterran‚e)
Hendrik J Kruls, Neth, general/chief military authority (1944-46)
Ruth Evelyn Mansfield, doctor
Paul George Vincent O'Shaughnessy Horgan, novelist
William Hayter, diplomat

John Hannam, MP
Lord Waddington, Governor of Bermuda
Ron de Lugo, (Rep-D-Virgin Islands, 1973-79, 81- )
Eddie Fuller, cricketer (South African fast bowler in 7 Tests 1952-58)
Henryck Schiller, composer
Peter Swinnereton-Dyer, mathematician
Philippa Duke Schuyler, composer
Lamar Hunt, NFL owner (KC Chiefs)
Marvin David Levy, composer
Peter O'Toole, Ireland, actor (Lord Jim, Beckett, Lawrence of Arabia)
Alan Tuffin, trade union leader
John Gale, theatrical producer
John Hannam, MP
Lord Waddington, Governor of Bermuda

Doug Overton, NBA guard (Phila 76ers, Denver Nuggets)
Darren Mickell, NFL defensive end (KC Chiefs, NO Saints)
Moira C Dunn, Utica NY, LPGA golfer (1995 SAFECO Classic-6th)
Alain Bolduc, Montreal Quebec, yachter (Olympics-96)
Jeff Nygaard, Madison Wisc, volleyball middle blocker (Olympics-96)
John Lilley, Wakefield Mass, US hockey forward (Olympics-1994)
Sandis Ozolinsh, Riga Lat, NHL defenseman (Colorado Avalanche)
Travis Hall, defensive tackle (Atlanta Falcons)
Kari Litton, Pontotoc Miss, Miss America (Mississippi-Top 10-1997)
Kurt Grote, US, 100m/200m breaststroke (Olympics-6th-96)
Blaine Wilson, Columbus Ohio, gymnast (Olympics-5th-96)
Jenny Beck, actress (Claire Carroll-Guns & Paradise)
Ndukwe Kalu, defensive end (Philadelphia Eagles)

Michael Lawrence Marsh, LA Calif, sprinter (Oly-2 gold/silver-92, 96)
Mike Marsh, US, 200m runner (Olympic-Gold-1992)
Darcy Arreola, La Mesa Calif, 1.5k runner
James Francis, linebacker (Cincinnati Bengals)
Marcus Schenkenberg, model (Calvin Klein)
Lee O'Leary, Compton CA, outfielder (Boston Red Sox)
Max Cavalera, Brazilian rock vocalist/guitarist (Sepultura)
Norm Casola, CFL slot back (Toronto Argonauts)
Orlando Trustfull, soccer player (Feyenoord)
Owen McMahon, Australian 470 class yachter (Olympics-96)
Steven Jack, cricketer (South African pace bowler 1994-95)
Tim McRae, Daytona Fla, 154¬ lbs (70 kg) weightlifter (Oly-1992, 96)

Andy Antoine, CFL receiver (Montreal Alouettes)
Everett McIver, NFL guard (NY Jets, Miami Dolphins)
Travis Moore, CFL receiver (Calgary Stampeders)
Perry Carter, cornerback (Oakland Raiders)
Valeri Karpov, Chelyabinsk Rus, NHL left wing (Anaheim Mighty Ducks)
Aaqib Javed, cricketer (Pakistani pace bowler 1989- )
Arthur Reid, Nashville Tenn, pairs skater (& Jennifer Darst)
Darryl Yung, Victoria BC, badminton player (Olympics-96)
John Wasdin, Ft Belvoir WA, pitcher (Oakland A's)
Brendan Todd, Australian mistral yachter (Olympics-96)
Ed Burman, WLAF linebacker (London Monarchs)
Frankie Hejduk, La Mesa Calif, soccer defender (Olympics-gold-96)

Louis-Antoine the Bourbon, French duke of Angoulˆme/General of France
Catherine Beecher, educator (championed higher education for women)
Justinus van der Brugghen, Dutch lawyer/minister of Justice (1856-58)
Alfred Lord Tennyson, poet laureate of England
Judah Philip Benjamin, Secy War/Secy State (Confederacy) [or Aug 11]
Samuel Powhatan Carter, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers)
Anthonie A Vorsterman van Oyen, Dutch genealogist
Nestor de TiŠre, Flemish poet (Pink Kate)
Albert Fuchs, composer
J Arthur S Berson, Austria meteorologist (Balloon flights, Amazon)
Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt, 2nd wife of Theodore Roosevelt
Chief Thundercloud, [Scott T Williams], MT, actor (Lone Ranger)
Paul Claudel, France, diplomat/poet (L'Otage-1909)

David James Wottle, 800m runner (Olympic-gold-1972)
Rodney Crowell, Houston TX, country singer (She's Crazy for Leavin')
Gary Hall, US swimmer (Olympics-bronze/2 silver-1968, 72)
Andy Fraser, rock bassist (Free London)
Richard Joswick, rocker (Bo Donaldson & the Heywoods)
Caroline Aaron, Richmond VA, actress (Crimes & Misdemeanors)
Kent V Rominger, Del Norte Colo, US Navy /astronaut (STS 73, 80, 85)
Aleksandr Ditiatin, USSR, gymnist (Olympic-gold-1980)
Alberto Salazar, marathoner (NYC Marathon Winner)
Bruce Dickinson, heavy metal rocker (Iron Maiden-Run to Hills)
Larisa Karlova, USSR, team handball player (Olympic-gold-1976, 80)
Ali Shah, cricketer (Zimbabwe all-rounder in two Tests 1992)
David Duchovny, NYC, actor (Fox Mulder-X Files)
Jacquie O'Sullivan, rocker (Bananarama-Venus)

Don Cook, foreign Correspondent
Roger Nixon, composer
Michael Parkin, journalist
Rory Calhoun, actor (Blue & Gray, Judson Tyler-Capitol)
Esther Williams, Inglewood Cal, actress/swimmer (Dangerous when Wet)
Thomas Beversdorf, composer
Jack Stoddart, designer/socialist
Richard Anderson, Long Beach NJ, actor (Oscar Goldman-6 Million $ Man)
Webb Pierce, West Monroe La, country singer (Ozark Jubilee)
Elis Juliana, Antillian writer/poet (Lady of the Night: A flower)
Jim Weaver, (Rep-D-OR, 1975- )
Juri Kasakow, writer
Ken Scowcroft, English insurance magnate/multi-millionaire
Josef Suk, Prague Czechoslovakia, violinist (Artist of Merit-1977)
Rose Nyland, writer
Jerry Tarkanian, basketball coach (Calif State, UNLV, 625-122)
Joan Mondale, wife of US vice-president Walter Mondale (1977-81)

Gerrit Jan Wolffensperger, Dutch MP (D66)
Sam Elliott, Sacramento Calif, actor (Big Chill, Fatal Beauty)
Terry Jenner, cricketer (Australian leg-spinner 1971-75)
Viv Prince, rocker (Pretty Things)
Ken Norton, heavyweight boxing champ/TV panelist (Gong Show)
Maarnus Gerritsen, Dutch rocker (Golden Earring)
Rinus Gerritsen, Dutch rock bassist/keyboardist (Golden Earring)
Barbara Mason, US singer (Yes, I'm Ready)
Roelof S "Roel" Bakker, Dutch actor/director (Love Potion)
Vicki Morgan, Colo Springs Colo, mistress (Beautiful Bad Girl)
Doug Williams, Louisiana, NFL QB (Tampa Bay Bucaneers, Wash Redskins)
Melanie Griffith, actress (Working Girl, Milk Money, Now & Then)
Amanda Bearse, actress (Marcy Rhodes-Married With Children)
Greg Chaisson, heavy metal rocker (Badlands-Dreams in the Dark)
Diane Williams, Hahn AFB Ger, singer (Girls Next Door-Don't Be Cruel)
Kurtis Blow, NYC, rapper (Krushgroove-The Breaks)

Richard F Kahn, baron of Hampstead/British economist
Era Bell Thompson, [Dakota Dick], US actress (Ebony)
Gabrielle Keiller, collector/golfer
Brian Easdale, composer
Claude Thornhill, composer
Frank Bowden, industrialist/landowner
George W Crockett Jr, (Rep-D-MI, 1980- )
Julio A Abraham, president (Democratic Party Bonaire)
Leo Fender, Anaheim California, rocker (Fender guitars)
Mohammed V ibn Yusuf, King of Morocco (1953, 1955-61)
Angus Campbell, US, psychologist (Elections & Political Order)
Herman Strategier, Dutch organist/composer/conductor
Iza„k Samkalden, Dutch Minister of Justice (PvdA)/mayor of Amsterdam
Jorge Amado, Brazilian writer (O Pais do Carnaval)
Richard Reeves, NYC, actor (Murph-Date With an Angel)
Romain Maes, Belgian bicylist (Tour de France 1935)

Edward Saloman, Gov (Union), died in 1909
Thomas Ogden Osbord, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers)
Robert Green Ingersoll, NY, author/politician/agnostic (Att Gen-R-Ill)
Cato M Guldberg, Norwegian mathematician
Marie Fran‡ois Carnot, engineer/French pres (1887-94); assassinated
Christian Eijkman, Neth, bacteriologist (avitaminos, Nobel 1929)
Alfred Coville, French historian (Lesson ‚tats de Normandie)
Carrie Jacobs Bond, Janesville Wisc, songwriter (I Love You Truly)
Arpad Szendy, composer
Hobart Bosworth, Marietta OH, actor (Woman of Affairs, Big Parade)
Joseph M Weber, comedian/singer (Weber & Lewis Fields)
Tom Richardson, legendary England cricket fast bowler (1893-98)

Ronald James Herron, architect
William Goldman, author (Lord of the Flies-Nobel 1983)
Queen Ferekit, of Thailand (Queens Day)
Sergey Mikhaylovich Slonimsky, composer
Kenneth Eaton, Controller (British Navy)
Karl Mickel, writer
Geoff Hamilton, gardner/journalist
Gerard Masson, composer
Hans Haacke, Cologne Germany, artist (Right to Life, Dripper Boxes)
John Poindexter, US Chief of Staff
Anthony Joliffe, mayor of London
George Hamilton, Memphis Tn, (Love at 1st Bite, Where the Boys Are)
Pam Ryan-Kilborn, Australia, hurdler (Olympic-silver-1968)
Alexander Yossifov, composer
Eddie Barlow, cricketer (Great South African all-rounder)
Michael Brunson, TV reporter/newscaster/actor (Never Say Die)

Max Croiset, playwright/director/actor (Dog of Flanders, Little Ark)
Metten Koornstra, Dutch painter/graphic artist
Rita Johnson, Worcester Mass, actress (Honolulu, All Mine to Give)
Salvador E Luria, Italian/US biologist (Nobel prize 1969)
Anatoly Vasilyevich Bogatiryov, composer
Francisco Escudero, composer
Liesbeth Askonas, concert agent
Lord Oram, British MP (Labour)
Makarios III, [Michail Moeskos], archbishop/president Cyprus
Richard Basehart, actor (Voyage to Bottom of the Sea)
Denis Smallwood, British air chief marshal
Frederick Sanger, England, biochemist (Nobel 1958, 1980)
John Bunting, senior civil servant
Rex Humbard, televanglist

Samuel Sebastian Wesley, composer
Henry Hayes Lockwood, Brig General (Union volunteers), died in 1899
Clement Hoffman "Rock" Stevens, Brig General (Confederate Army)
Karel Miry, composer
William Terry, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1888
Walter Besant, writer/philanthropist (Rebel Queen)
Baron Richard Freiherr von Krafft-Ebing, psychiatrist
Henry Duff Trail, journalist/author
Earnest YY [Bachigaloupi] Tourniaire, actor (Kloris & Roses)
Ernest T Seton, naturalist/painter/author (Buffalo Wind-1938)
Bion Joseph Arnold, electrical engineer/inventor
Leone Sinigaglia, composer
Edvard Armas J„rnefelt, Vyborg Finland, composer (Berceuse)
Alexander I Obrenovic, King of Serbia/Yugoslavia (1922-34)

Nicolas Roeg, London England, cinematographer/director (Aria, Eureka)
Janice Rule, Norwood Ohio, actress (Alvarez Kelly, Doctor's Wife)
Mario Kuri-Aldana, composer
Robert L[ull] Forward, US, sci-fi author (Dragon's Egg, Starquake)
Bobby Helms, rock vocalist (Jingle Bell Rock)
Floyd Ashton, US singer (Tams-What Child of Fool)
Lori Nelson, Santa Fe NM, actress (Greta-How to Marry a Millionaire)
Reg Scarlett, WI cricket off-spinner (3 Tests 1960)
Valentin Stepanovich Varlamov, Russian cosmonaut
Abby Dalton, Las Vegas NV, actress (Joey Bishop Show)
Jim Dale, Rothwell England, Broadway actor (Barnum, My One & Only)
Vernon Eulion Jordan Jr, civil rights activist (National Urban League)
Ronnie G Flippo, (Rep-D-NY, 1977- )
Maxine Waters, (Rep-D-California)
H Onno C R Ruding, director (Amrobank)/Dutch Financial minister (CDA)


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