Friends, Health, Colors, Stones

Aries find there more lasting friendships and affections with those who born on their own period.

People born in april overwork their brain , and suffer from all things that concern the head (e.g headache, problem with eyes). They should try to obtain more sleep.

The most harmonious colour for Aries is all shades of red, crimson, rose and pink.

The birth stones for the period of April are rubies, garnets, and bloodstones.
corresponding tarot card
The emperor element : fire planet : Mars

Current Aries horoscope

For the week of: March 2 th - March 8 th, 2009

This week is highlighted by you possibly being very resistant or indifferent toward the suggestions made by the free-thinking, creative people that you meet regarding making certain changes in your life. The more structured, pragmatic side of you will clash with the part of you who desires change and you find that you can't take any action at all. On the positive side, your compassion and the desire to help needy people will be accentuated. You probably will participate in some charitable activity that you have never been interested in before which will enrich your inner being. You will be more willing to make sacrifices for others. Your intuitive powers and your psychic ability will also increase.

Lucky numbers for this week are: 3, 11, 15, 17, 21,

Character of person born in April

Energetic, confident, ebullient, egocentric, passionate

People born under the sign of Aries have unusually strong will power and great obstinacy of purpose. Aries are born fighters in every sense of the world. They have the greatest ability as organizers on a large scale, such as in the organization of big businesses, organization of armies or development of countries. It comes as no surprise, Aries are intensely independent in work. They must do everything in their own way.

Celebrities: Some Famous Aries

Sergei Rachmaninoff, Novgorod Russia, composer (Prelude in C# Minor)
Edgar Wallace, England, novelist/playwright/journalist (Terror)
Carl Sternheim, German playwright (Hyperion/Tabula Rasa)
Aleksander V Aleksandrov, Russian composer/conductor
Lon Chaney, CO, man of 1000 faces, actor (High Noon, Phantom of Opera)
Laurette Taylor, [Helen LM Cooney], US actress (Broadway)
Clementine Ogilvy Spencer-Churchill (Hozier), British barones
Casimir von Paszthory, composer
Wallace Beery, KC MO, actor (Alias a Gentleman, Dinner at 8)
Leonard Bloomfield, US linguist
Cicely Courtneidge, Sydney Australia, actress (Double Exposure)
Alberta Hunter, blues singer/composer (Downhearted Blues)
Willem H van de Pol, Dutch theologist (Christian Dilemma)
Nita Naldi [Anita Donna Dooley], NYC, actress (Blood & Sand)
Pola Gojawiczynska, Polish writer (Stolica)
Roger Bastide, French sociologist
Boris Koutzen, composer

Danilo Svara, composer
Edmond Jouhaud, general
Kurt Adler, therapist/writer
Serge Lifar, Kiev, dancer, choreographer (Paris Opéra Ballet)
Buddy Ebsen, Belleville Il, actor (Beverly Hillbillies, Barnaby Jones)
Jean Kurt Forest, composer
Arnie Herber, NFL QB (Green Bay Packers, NY Giants)
Irene Mayer Selznick, producer (Street Car Named Desire)
Joeri German, Russian writer
Charles "Honi" Coles, tap dancer (Tap)
Alec Guinness, London England, British actor (Bridge on River Kwai)
Antony Dornhorst, professor of medicine
Arthur Ballard, artist

Alcide de Gasperi, Italian premier (1945..53)
Margaret MJ "Daisy" Ashford, English author (Young Sisters)
Simon Elzinga, Dutch educator
Jackie Matthews, cricketer (Aust leg-spinner, two hat-tricks 1912)
Harry St John Philby, [sheik Abdullah], British explorer
Neville Cardus, cricketer (doyen of cricket writers)
Grigoras Dinicu, composer
Leslie Howard, [Stainer], London, actor (Gone With the Wind)
Dooley Wilson, Tyler Tx, actor (Bill-Beulah, Casablanca)
Bjarne Brustad, composer
Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Firenze (Florence) Italy, composer
Douwe Kalma, Dutch literary/leader (Young Frisian Movement)
George Jessel, toastmaster general/entertainer (Diary of Young Comic)
Henry R Luce, Tengchow China, publisher (Time, Fortune, Life)
Cees Lasseur, Dutch actor/owner (Hague Comedy)
Camille Chamoun, president of Lebanon

George A Smith, Salt Lake City Utah, 8th pres of Mormon church
Nikolai Amani, composer
Pauline de Haan-Manifarges, Dutch singer
Pierre Monteux, Paris France, conductor (Boston Symph Orch 1919-24)
Samuel S Hinds, Brooklyn NY
Maurice de Vlaminck, Paris, Fauvist painter (Village in the Snow)
Gabriel Groulez, composer
Charles Funk, Ohio, Encylopediest (Funk & Wagnalls)
Mary Howe, composer
Isoroku Yamamoto, admiral/supreme commander of Japanese fleet
Tris Speaker, baseball great, hit more doubles than Pete Rose
Cyril Smith, Peterhead Scotland, actor (Adv of Sir Lancelot)
Esther Howard, MT
Arthur Murray, NYC, dancer (Arthur Murray Dance Party)
Charlie Hallows, cricket batsman (Lancs played for England 1921-28)
Robert Sherwood, dramatist (Abe Lincoln in Illinois, Idiot's Delight)
Tristan Tzara, [Samuel Rosenfeld] French poet (Approximate Man)
Pierre Fresnay, Paris France, actor (Grand Illusion)
William Brann, cricketer (South African batsman v England 1922-23)
Carmel Myers, SF Calif, actress (Carmel Myers Show)

Douglas Henley, British auditor-general
Arthur Hailey, Luton England, novelist (Hotel, Airport)
Barend Biesheuvel, Dutch premier (1971-73)
Lady Fisher, founder (British Women Caring Trust)
Les Jackson, cricket bowler (England twice, 1949 & 1961)
Robert Q Lewis, NYC, TV host (Masquerade Party, Robert Q Lewis Show)
Gale Storm, Bloomington Tx, actr (My Little Margie, Gale Storm Show)
Harry Freedman, composer
Tom Finney, British soccer star
Ernest Mandel, Belgian philosopher/economist
Michael V Gazzo, Hillside NJ, actor (Cookie, Fear City)
Nguyen Van Thieu, South Vietnam president (1965-75)
Stanley Orme, Chairman (British Labour Party)
Mart Kempers, Dutch graphic artist/sculptor

Marcus Worsley, Lord-Lieutenant of North Yorkshire
Ian Paisley, North Ireland, clergyman/MP
David Ingram, Vice-Chancellor (University of Kent at Canterbury)
Gerry Mulligan, British saxophonist/orch leader (Jazz on a Summer Day)
James Dewey Watson, chemist (co-discovered structure of DNA)
Joi Lansing, Salt Lake City Utah, actress (Bob Cummings Show)
"Crazy" Joe Gallo, mobster
André Previn, Berlin Germany, conductor (London Symphony)/pianist
Arthur S Taylor Jr, US drummer/band leader (Taylor's Wailers)
Edison Vasalievich Denisov, composer
Li Yuan-chia, artist
Ivan Dixon, NYC, actor (Car Wash, Hogan's Heroes)
Joan Carlyle, British soprano
Dudley Sutton, British actor (Leather Boys, Brimstone & Treacle)
Antonius Geesink, Holland, judo (Olympic-gold-1964)

Yvonne Fedderson, co-founder (Childhelp USA)
Charley Thomas, rocker (Drifters)
Freddie Hubbard, Indianapolis, jazz trumpeter (Art Blakey)
Jerry Brown, ex-California governor
Yvonne Lime, Glendale Calif, actress (Father Knows Best, Dobie Gillis)
[Edmund G] Jerry Brown Jr, (Gov-D-Cal, 1974-..)
David Frost, Tenterdon England, TV host (That Was the Week That Was)
Donald L Holmquest, Dallas Texas, astronaut
Francis Ford Coppola, Detroit, director (Godfather, Apocalypse Now)
Jan Wilhelm Morthenson, composer
Patricia Paay, Dutch singer (You are not hip)
Edda Barends, actress (Arthur & Eva)
Dennis Amiss, cricketer (prolific English batsman)
Mick Abrahams, Luton, rock guitarist (Jethro Tull-Thick as a Brick)
Roberta Shore, Monterrey Park, Calif, actress/singer (Virginian)
Spencer Dryden, NYC, rock drummer (Jefferson Airplane-Go Ask Alice)
Barbara Benary, composer

Charles J B Jonckheere, Flemish poet/writer (Mirror of the Sea)
Maurice Stacey, chemist
Neil Lawson, British high court judge
George Dixon, trumpet/sax
Olavi Pesonen, composer
William James Millar Mackenzie, political scientist
George Musso, NFL guard (Chicago Bears)
Wendell Bill, cricketer (NSW bat 1929-36 Century on debut 1930)
Douglas Hyde, socialist/Christian
Emil Mihai Cioran, writer/aphorist
Melvin Calvin, US chemist (photosynthesis, Nobel 1961)
Émile M Cioran, writer
osef Gabcík, Czech resistance fighter (attacked Heydrich)
Sonja Henie, Oslo Norway, ice skater/actress (Olympic-gold-1928,32,36)
H Ernst, bishop (Breda Neth)
John Cameron, cricketer (brother of Jimmy WI v-capt 1939 England tour)
Ian Smith, premier of Rhodesia (1964-..)

Randolph Barnes Marcy, Bvt Major General (Union Army), died in 1887
Charles-Pierre Baudelaire, France, symbolist poet (Flowers of Evil)
Thomas Hewson Neill, Bvt Mjr General (Union volunteers), died in 1885
Eadweard Muybridge, England, pioneered study of motion, photography
Leopold II, King of Belgians (1865-1909)
Francesco Paolo Tosti, composer
Francis William Davenport, composer
F A MacKinnon, cricketer (later the 35th Mackinnon of Mackinnon)
Helena Lange, German feminist
Herman Zumpe, composer
C E Arthur Wichmann, German/Dutch geologist (Neth Indies)
Seaborn M Denson, composer
Gyula Reviczky, Hungarian author/poet
Charles Holroyd, painter/etcher

Robert Rhodes James, historian (Gallipoli)
David Halberstam, intl correspondent (NY Times/Pulitzer 1964)
Zsolt Durko, composer
Jorge Mester, Mexico City Mexico, conductor (Louisville Orch 1967-79)
Patrick Garland, director (Doll House)
John Madden, NFL coach (Oakland Raiders)/sports commentator (CBS, FOX)
Michael Naylor, insurance broker
Robert "Bobby" Smith, US singer (Spinners)
Stan Mellor, British racehorse trainer/jockey
Don Meredith, Mount Vernon Texas, NFL QB (Cowboys)/Mon Night Football
Alan Rothenberg, US Soccer pres (1990- )
Daniel Oliver, NYC, CEO (Federal Trade Commission)
Gloria Hunniford, British broadcaster/actress (Old Curiosity Shop)
Paul Theroux, American travel book writer (Mosquito Coast)
Danny Woods, US musician (CEO of the Board)

Anatoly Nikolayevich Berezovoi, USSR, cosmonaut (Soyuz T-5)
E J Dommering, Dutch lawyer
Earl of Sandwich
Elmer R Wilsoe, Island mayor (Curaçao)
John Milius, writer (Red Dawn, 1941, Big Wednesday)
R J B Knight, deputy director (National Maritime Museum)
Robert Fripp, guitarist (King Crimson)
Michael Hindley, British MEP
Michael Wright, Vice-Chancello, (Aston University)
Peter Riegert, NYC, actor (Animal House, Crossing Delancey)
Ellen Goodman, syndicated columnist (or 1941)
Bill Irwin, Santa Monica, actor (My Blue Heaven, S

Emil [Theodore] Petaja, US, sci-fi author (Star Mill, Tramontane)
Brian Connell, writer/broadcaster
M Marie Widlow, St Louis Mo, softball pitcher (Hall of Fame 1957)
Vinoo Mankad, cricketer (India's greatest all-rounder to his time)
18th earl of Derby, English landowner/multi-millionaire
Istvan Anhalt, composer
Lady Ricketts, CEO (Natl Assn of Citizens' Advice Bureaux)
Maurice Girodias, French publisher
Wilson Charles Geoffery Baldwin, hero
H R Hewitt, CEO (Johnson Matthey)
Robert Fizdale, Chicago Illinois, pianist (Misia)
Ann Miller, [Lucille Ann Collier], Cherino, Tex, dancer (On the Town)
E C Meade, British chartered accountant
Maria Callas, opera singer (Carmen)
Julius Moormann, student/resistance fighter (WW II)

Stephan Hermlin, writer
Stephen Roberts, CEO (British Milk Marketing Board)
Tom Greenshields, sculptor
Howard Keel, Ill, actor/singer (7 Brides for 7 Brothers, Kiss Me Kate)
Audrey Barker, writer
Madalyn Murray O'Hair, American atheist (opppsed prayer in school)
Liam Cosgrave, leader (Fine Gael Party)
Baron Thyssen-Bornemisza, industrialist
Carlo Prosperi, composer
Maxwell Henley Harris, Australian poet/publisher (Gift of Blood)
John Braine, English novelist (Life at the Top)
Stanley Donen, SC, film director/producer (Bedazzled, Damn Yankees)
Frank Chamberlain, CEO (Test & County Cricket Board)
Frank Neville Hosband Robinson, physicist
Hilda Dianda, composer
11th duke of Marlborough, English large landowner
Don Adams, NYC, comedian (Maxwell Smart-Get Smart, Check it Out)
Godfrey Kenton, actor
Lord Wedderburn of Charlton, QC

Carlo Coccia, composer
Adolphe Thiers, 1st president of 3rd French Republic (1871-77)
Friedrich von Amerling, Austrian painter
George W Vreede, Dutch lawyer/politician
Junius S Morgan, US, merchant/philanthropist (Metro Museum of Art)
Charles Halle, pianist/conductor/founder (Halle Orch)
Harry Thompson Hays, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1876
Gerhard Rohlfs, German explorer/ambassador in Abyssinia
James Hewett Ledlie, Brig General (Union volunteers), died in 1882
Sven August Korling, composer
Gustave Leon Huberti, composer

Mary Harris Thompson, 1st American woman surgeon
Horace Porter, Bvt Brig General (Union Army), died in 1921
Carl Eilhardt, composer
Henry James, US/British writer/critic (Turn of the Screw, Bostonians)
Dave Gregory, cricketer (Australia's 1st Test captain)
John Munroe Longyear, US, capitalist/bank president
Jean Moréas, [Yannis Papadiamantopoulos], Greek/French poet
Anton G O Ridder Van Rappard, Dutch painter/lithographer/etcher
Emile Durkheim, French sociologist (Division du travail social)
Johannes Stark, Germany, physicist (Stark effect) (Nobel 1919)
Klaziena "Ina" Boudier-Bakker, Dutch playwright/novelist (Poverty)
Robert Walser, writer


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