Numerology / Vibrating Number 9

#9 of the date of birth
Number 9 is often considered to be the main number of numerology with a special, sometimes sacral meaning. It is connected with the fact that when you multiply it by any number, number 9 will recreate itself. For example, 9 4 = 36 => 3 + 6 = 9. People of number 9 are born fighters, they are active, brave and driven due to which they usually win. At the same time people of number 9 often get into unpleasant situations. These people are capable of the best feelings towards people around them.
The birthday number 9 symbolizes a strong personality with potential intellect, capable of high development. Here success presents you with the world of art, artistic talent and creative powers. Such people should right away give up commercial professions, being metal workers or military. Their problem is often in realizing their talents and abilities and choosing the right way of life. Great discoverers, musicians are born with this birthday number as well. It all depends on your abilities and wishes. Both factors should be combined and directed for one goal, and then your success is guaranteed.
#9 of your Name
You are respected, rational, and competent. You can't put a foot wrong. But bear in mind: it's easier for you to gain authority than to hold your own. Reckon with other people's opinion; be guided by justice and high ideas - it's all for your own welfare.
Vibrating numbers meaning
[1] Power, individuality, creativity. [2] Soft, artistic and charming. [3] Energetic, talented, disciplined.
[4] Elements and world directions. [5] Lively, impulsive, and lightheaded. [6] Trustworthy, harmonious and balanced.
[7] Success and occult knowledge. [8] Well expressed individuality. [9] Active, brave and driven due.