Divination, Predictions, Fortune Telling

Trying to understand mysterious powers of the Universe we want to see 
ourselves,  in  relationship  to  it.  Using  the Planets, the Cards, 
the  stones,  the  sticks,  the  spirits,  the  coins, intuition, and 
even  our own bodies, we attempt to guide ourselves on the right path.
Divination is the occult practice of ascertaining information with the help of supernatural means. If a distinction is to be made with fortune-telling, divination has a formal or ritual character, usually influenced by a religion, while fortune-telling is a more everyday practice for personal purposes. Divination is often dismissed by skeptics as being mere superstition. However, followers say there are plenty of evidences for the efficacy of divination. Divination is a universal cultural phenomenon which has a lot of adherents all over the world. Beyond mere explanations, there are some serious theories of how divination might work. One such theory is rooted in the nature of the unconscious mind, a theory which has some empirical scientific basis. Based on this theory, divination is the process by which messages from the unconscious mind are decoded.


Chinese and Western astrology

Through ages astrology aspired to grope and to interpret connection between the man and space

Chinese, Indian, Roman, and Egyptian astrological symbols side by side.

Character and destiny of the man.

Palmistry and Chiromancy Readings

Discover how the Ancient art of Palmistry can illuminate your life. Whatever the shape of your hand, or arrangement of its lines you will be able to tell your fortune with our help.   

The Oracle of Changes The Chinese Book of Change or I-Ching - is one of the most ancient books..
Winning isnot everything, but losing isnot anything.

There  are  several  kinds  of  divinations  you  can  find  on this 
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