Runes Divination

Runes are magical and alphabet symbols that were carved in stone or wood. Different household objects, clothes, dishes, armor were decorated with runes, house entrances or snouts of ships would have written spells with runes, in other words, runes were used everywhere. Many runic symbols come from the ancient times; they date back to magic symbols of celt monks-druids, which later went to Germanic and then to Scandinavian tribes.
Runic magic is very versatile. According to the legend, each run has sacred origin and is a sacred symbol; it has certain magical powers and ability to connect us with the greater power. The combination of runes with their powers and connections makes up a real magic system.
This system can be also used to tell fortune: the combinations of its symbols can describe any possible situation. The main thing is to remember that to use these miraculous symbols successfully you have to personally relate to each rune.
Try to pay as much attention as possible to the meaning in them for each rune to create personal images and associations in you. Then runes will describe the situation you are in quite well, and you will know what will happen later.
Runes divine meaning
Fehu Rune Fehu acquiring or saving Uruz Rune Uruz appearance of a new form Thurisaz Rune Thurisaz gates or weakness Ansuz Rune Ansuz receiving or futility Raido Rune Raido road or surprise
Kenaz Rune Kenaz renewed clarity Gebo Rune Gebo freedom and partnership Wunjo Rune Wunjo joy or crisis Hagalaz Rune Hagalaz complete breakup Nauthis Rune Nauthis slowing down
Isa Rune Isa stagnation Jera Rune Jera favorable ending Perth Rune Perth death of the past Eihwaz Rune Eihwaz unpleasant delay Algiz Rune Algiz necessity for flexibility
Sowulo Rune Sowulo wholeness or synthesis Teiwaz Rune Teiwaz forming approach Bercana Rune Bercana period of growth Ehwaz Rune Ehwaz something new Mannaz Rune Mannaz no superfluities
Laguz Rune Laguz follow intuition Inguz Rune Inguz fertility or ending Otal Rune Otal stopping or acquiring Dagaz Rune Dagaz self-adding concepts The Blank Rune Blank beginning of everything