Numerology / Vibrating Number 2

#2 of the date of birth
People of number 2 are usually soft, artistic and charming, they adjust to circumstances well. They are often passive and reserved. They tend to think more than act. They are characterized by creativity and intuition; however they don't often succeed in realizing their plans. These people are often depressed. They have very good relations with people of the number 1 category.
The birthday number 2 symbolizes balance in mood, behavior, actions, softness and tact of character, search of compromises, smoothing sharp corners and sharp problems. Inner contradictions, extra sobriety, constant giving advice to friends and people around can be obstacles in straightening your own business. Number 2 is the antithesis, balance, contrast. It is located between light and darkness, good and evil, warmth and cold, richness and poverty, life and death. You can take all your circumstances as they are, adjust to them and make peace with them. You can avoid critical points, any lack of confidence and extra generosity. It is great that you think and take care of not only other people but also yourself. You are a good project maker and adviser but not a good performer. You need co-authors, companions and co-workers. But when you are choosing partners let your mind rule your feelings.
#2 of your Name
You have a complicated anxious character. You always hesitate. People often say the following about you: you are a wild card. You are diffident; tend to go to extremes, even fatalism. Shun various disputes and quarrels. Pay no attention to trifles. Remember: you'd better work in a team than by yourself. Listening to your friends' advice will do you good. But sometimes you may venture to go with the stream.
Vibrating numbers meaning
[1] Power, individuality, creativity. [2] Soft, artistic and charming. [3] Energetic, talented, disciplined.
[4] Elements and world directions. [5] Lively, impulsive, and lightheaded. [6] Trustworthy, harmonious and balanced.
[7] Success and occult knowledge. [8] Well expressed individuality. [9] Active, brave and driven due.