Numerology / Vibrating Number 1

#1 of the date of birth
Power, individuality, creativity. People of this number are born leaders. They are active, aggressive and ambitious, are always striving to achieve the first place, can be absolutely relentless and are able to sacrifice everything for their career, including relationships with people around them. This is the number of winners and tyrants.
This is the symbol of your own personality, the symbol of fame and power, action and ambition. The person with the birth number of 1 never changes his course and is not trying to jump far ahead at once by a leap before it is time for it. He reaches new heights only by going along a straight and progressive way.
You should avoid egoism and greed, self-will and contrariness, you should be careful and measure your own interests with the interests of other people not to bring it into a conflict state, and otherwise you could lose your friends and find enemies. The strong birthday number 1 promises much, it offers high development if you follow its advice.
#1 of your Name
You are a leader who thirsts after activity and progress. Sometimes it may happen in an unsuitable situation. Though business, or any other risky undertaking are inadvisable for you, don't be afraid to try it if you are confident enough. However, you should think twice before engaging into something.
Vibrating numbers meaning
[1] Power, individuality, creativity. [2] Soft, artistic and charming. [3] Energetic, talented, disciplined.
[4] Elements and world directions. [5] Lively, impulsive, and lightheaded. [6] Trustworthy, harmonious and balanced.
[7] Success and occult knowledge. [8] Well expressed individuality. [9] Active, brave and driven due.