the Book of Changes
I Ching

Khien the hexagram #1

The symbol has 6 yang characteristics. This is a kind symbol. This is a male hexagram that holds the meaning of April and spring hopes. But be careful! You are on top of the mountain, and you don't have a chance of going down. So be cautious and sensible while you are up there. Not later than in six months great changes will come. Time favors your actions. There is some uncertainty in your private life, your should put some clarity to it. If your wish is rational and modest, it will definitely come true. Someone opposes you but if you are decisive and uncompromising, you will succeed. You will withstand the trial.
64 i-Ching hexagrams
Divide table into two parts: upper and lower parts. Then the crossing of these figures will help you find the number of your hexagram in the table.