Rune Blank

The Blank Rune

Clear or The Blank Rune. This is the most mysterious of all runes. It symbolizes Emptiness, the end and the beginning of everything. Karmic connections and laws, the purpose of which at this time you cannot understand, will start working. Assist everything happening, no matter what is going on, and be ready to everything inside, both good and bad.
Runes divine meaning
Fehu Rune Fehu acquiring or saving Uruz Rune Uruz appearance of a new form Thurisaz Rune Thurisaz gates or weakness Ansuz Rune Ansuz receiving or futility Raido Rune Raido road or surprise
Kenaz Rune Kenaz renewed clarity Gebo Rune Gebo freedom and partnership Wunjo Rune Wunjo joy or crisis Hagalaz Rune Hagalaz complete breakup Nauthis Rune Nauthis slowing down
Isa Rune Isa stagnation Jera Rune Jera favorable ending Perth Rune Perth death of the past Eihwaz Rune Eihwaz unpleasant delay Algiz Rune Algiz necessity for flexibility
Sowulo Rune Sowulo wholeness or synthesis Teiwaz Rune Teiwaz forming approach Bercana Rune Bercana period of growth Ehwaz Rune Ehwaz something new Mannaz Rune Mannaz no superfluities
Laguz Rune Laguz follow intuition Inguz Rune Inguz fertility or ending Otal Rune Otal stopping or acquiring Dagaz Rune Dagaz self-adding concepts The Blank Rune Blank beginning of everything